Friday, June 26, 2009

O atheism is free thinking hu? O yea the free thikers.

Here's what a free thinker thiks:

this just porves that atheism is nothing more than a bunch of ignorant illiterate scum who hate learning banding together to destroy books and knowledge.
This illiterate atheist on CARM is answer my questions and arguments.

why would you think it's useless? (theology)

Bozo:Because its only purpose is the perpetuation of theology? Literature in general is not a particularly useful field of study; theology is simply literature distilled down to the study of a single story.

The first question I have to ask you is, don't you think learning foolish anyway?


He says no but of course we soon see the only kind of learning the would allow is pragmatic things that make money.

You probably think if you don't go to work making over 100 thousand in the first year right out of college then you wasted your education right?

If I did, I would have studied different subjects in college. No, money is not the measure of utility.

I'm betting you have never read a book unless you had to
I'm betting you need to retake an English course.

You are, by the way, incorrect in your assumptions. If I was adverse to reading, I would have certainly picked fields other than political science and computer science--both fields require quite a lot of reading (one philosophy, history, and statistics, the other lines of code and equations).

of course his idea of learning is pragmatic fields.

you think novels are boring and would never read one.

You fancy yourself a mindreader, I see. To be more specific, I dislike fiction. It's generally rather contrived, and far less interesting than real life. This might well explain my position regarding theology.

look at the philistine. he has 0 impulse for art. this is the sort of non thinking anti-intellectual that atheism breeds.

you don't enjoy the act of thinking

Clearly. My distaste for "thinking" perfectly explains why I entered two fields of study that both require quite a lot of thinking. That might also explain why I capitalize the first letter of every sentence, and why I actually type out all of the necessary words in a sentence. This certainly requires less thought than someone who deemed it best to study only a single book, and other people's opinions on said book.

nothing requires as much thinking as theology and philosphy. they are so complex you have n concept.

and you have never experienced the intellectual hight.

Clearly, you've reached a towering intellectual "hight", yourself.

that is quite right I sure as hell did.

did you even know there is one?

You've given me an entirely new definition of intellectual "hight".


It's probably news to you that you can actually feel high when you thought deeply about important things for a long time.
My, you state that so eloquently.

so in saying that any sort of education is useless we really ahve to ask what is your definition of "useless?"
You are the one who states that "any sort of education is useless". I was referring specifically to theology, though I feel similarly about literature in general. It's not a terribly rigorous discipline. Even by the relatively loose measure of the social sciences, literature isn't rigorous.

But since probably money it might interest you to know that I know theology professors who live in the South of France and drive Italian sports cars.
I know a bus driver who lives in a quarter of a million dollar house. What's your point? You're the one pushing this straw man about income.

ah! not so useless now is it?
It's just as useless.

another thing do You think that I seminary so I could argue with idiots?
No, I think you "seminaried" because you couldn't handle anything more rigorous but felt compelled to attend college.

do you think I care about converts stupid peolpew ho don't' give a rat's assa bout truth?
Anyone who cares about truth avoids philosophy like the plague.
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my answer:

you've just proved the idiotioc and anti-thinking aspect of atheism. this is the best evidence so far that atheism is nothing but a hate grouip. it's practicaly am way. just crass unthinking unleanred hyhpocortres who are afarid to learn.

O yea us free thiers, we hate learning because we are free thinkers. down with books and learning learning is only important if I make money,.

atheism is for stupid people. it's for people who don't like knowledge.

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