Monday, June 22, 2009

It's a classic

I did a post on CARM sunday which was in two parts. It was real long. NO one answered after over 50 people had spoken up (you can see the content of it on Metacrock's blog I posted it there as a blog post). So after a while I chided them for not answering (this was after a full day). I said "hey come on" so this guy puts up this:


I think that he is going a little off-kilter. His thread "NT is good evidence" consists of him talking to himself, extensively.

This is yet another reason that I am not a christian. Instead of actually conversing with people in a dialectic, the christian can be reduced to didactically preaching to himself because he can not understand the world. It is really quite sad and frightening that a person can loose touch with reality so much and build an artificial world around themselves.

What good is it to build a heaven for yourself if you are the only person in it?

Great reason for not being a Christian. Notice he's assuming my chiding the atheist to post is talking to myself. He assuming part II is arguing against part one which clearly its' not, it's clearly reaffirming it and giving a specificity explaination.

This whole post is typical atheist hate group response, attack the personality.

several atheists actually speak up and tell the guy he's being unfair.

Hatsoff is the best of these I think

I have no idea what you're talking about. This is a discussion board for matters relating to Christianity. Metacrock posted arguments aimed at a significant subset of atheists, the Jesus mythers. His points are relevant, and most are compelling.

this is from an Evangelical named Angst:
Do you think that bringing down others makes yourself feel or look intelligent?

so to this one he says:

I do feel intelligent.
It doesn't necessarily make me look intelligent.

By replying to my thread instead of Metacrock's, you have voted for me as more interesting and deserving of your attention.

And this goes to all here. Why aren't you posting in Metacrock's thread? Because his arguments don't make sense. And I would say that his theism is a cause of that.

So in other words, even though the content of your comments says I'm wrong, the fact that you posted on my thread means you agree with me over Metacrock anyway!???

I call this "never say die." It's a classic, it's so typical of many atheists just count everything in their favor.

He's still at it. he says;

Originally Posted by maconnor34 View Post
Yep, and people are still talking here and not on your thread for 12 hours now. Nobody cares what you think because you don't present rational and cogent arguments.

You are commenting here because nobody will come to you there. Awwwwwww.

incredible he really doesn't understand about content.

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