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Atheists who say they hate Christians.

 These are just statements I found on the net: since the purpose of atheist watch is to prove that there is a hate group segment of the atheist community, part of it not all atheists of course, it might be time to hear what actual atheists who claim to hate Christians have to say about it.

 crock crazy girl 4 life says:

I hate christians

What a bunch of fools.

They plan out their entire lives, according to rules set by a kooky, ancient book of mythos.

And hey, dontcha just love how they ever-so-conveniently excuse themselves from providing proof, by using crutches like "faith".

Sorry, but just because you believe something, that doesn't make it true.

Moses turned the sea into blood... and then later, parted it?

Yeah... and sweat socks fly south for the winter.

Ask yourself... "If somebody told me such an event had taken place TODAY, would I believe it?". No? Point proven.

Ignorance is a scary thing.

her response to one critic:

Galeni, I don't have to explain myself to you.

You're not a real christian, anyhow. You date a lesbian. No TRUE christian would do such a thing.

another one:
submitted 1 day ago by EddieVanHelsing

That's right. If you're a Christian, I despise you. I despise you because your fundamental beliefs can be used to manipulate you into actions that are inimical to my life and liberty. I despise you because you choose to spend your lives in service to an entity that -- according to your own religious texts -- makes a sociopathic child look like a moral exemplar. I despise you because you want your God to forgive you for having been born human.
However, as much as I hate Christianity and Christians, I will fight for your right to believe this bullshit. Why? Because I am better than you, and I know that you wouldn't fight for my right to be an irreligious asshole.
here's how this person answers someone who asks "I dont' get why you would actually hate them"

Why? Because I am better than you
Please go fuck yourself. Morality is independent of the supernatural and I know plenty of morally upstanding Christians out there and atheism doesn't need another auto-fellating sack of hubris giving merit to the worst of their arguments. The price of intellectual honesty is that we don't get the luxury of availing ourselves of unwarranted confidence in our own inherent superiority.

He's so much better he can say "go fuck yourself."

this next guy is so cool! I mean, this guy,ooo his balls hang low, becuase he can say the f word a lot!

The Angriest Atheist

Jesus fucking Christ, I hate Christians! They’re self-righteous, pompous assholes who believe that the entire world revolves around them. Fucking assholes. But the trait I hate most in Christians is their utter inability to use birth control.
The Duggar Family is a good ol’ family from Arkansas, who, according to the front page of their website, happen to have 18 fucking kids! Yes, they have 18 kids. The thing is, they used to use birth control, but the wife apparently got pregnant, had a miscarriage, and was incredibly upset over it. I have one question: why? If I was a female, I’d be hoping for miscarriages every time I got pregnant (which wouldn’t be frequently, because I’m smart enough to use birth control). I think miscarriages are a blessing. More people should have them. Child birth isn’t a miracle. It happens hundreds of thousands of times per day. The ability to use birth control is a miracle. We have too many people on Earth! Stop fucking!
Of course, being the asshole Christians that they are, they can’t just let their kids grow up and make their own decisions about their religious affiliations, they have to indoctrinate them when they’re young and gullible. It’s incredibly sick. Everyone knows that if you wait until children are older to indoctrinate them, they will take it no more seriously than Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Here’s a challenge for you Christians: if you have so much faith in your god, why don’t you wait until your children are capable of thinking for themselves before you start indoctrinating them. See how many of them fall for your bullshit then. I’m guessing very few, if any, will convert to the Dark Side.

 there aren't any atheist hate groups hu?

White Power Atheist said...

"I hate Christians. I also hate niggers since they made religion. White Power"


That's right. I hate christians!!!
Now, I'm not referring to the people that beleive in christ. I'm not talking about the truly faithful...
I'm referring to the lunatics!!! The absolute fanatics!!! I'm talking about the people that think EVERYTHING short of prayer is a fucking sin!!! Those worthless retards that try to speak out against the various forms of entertainment because the words jesus christ don't come up more than once in the fucking chorus. I'm talking about zealots. Those wankers responsible for mindless clamour like this!!!
(S)He makes many of his points based on the doom series. First and foremost the fact that anti-semetic (and or anti-christian) theology is present in the games. You are fucking fighting satan!!! There's going to be demons!!! I mean seriously, jes' because I see a pentagram doesn't mean I'm going to hell!!!
No, of course it's evil. Then he quotes some of ID's advertising slogans related to the game. In no way does it insinuate the devil is good, the game is about taking a BFG and sticking up satan's ass!!! How is that satanic? God, I hate that kind of shit! I mean, can't you do something useful with your miserable life? Like pursue happiness? Or better yet, help somebody else acheive it. Looking for satan's will is fucking heinous and furthermore pointless...

Form Ex

"I have grown to hate Christianity with a purple passion."

Back in 2004 I left the Christian Faith after I found out that in reality there is no such thing as a personal and loving God who guides and directs our paths. However, according to these Right Winged Extremist Nuts, it's my fault that my faith did not work. I have grown to hate Christianity with a purple passion, and here is an example of why I have grown to hate Christianity here in the past four years. This is a constant reminder of why I have no desire to return to the cult known as the Christian faith.

 On Ex Christian. net

His opinion is there's no god he didn't "learn" there is no God. I can sympathize with this guy to soem extent. He goes on to recount how he got into a fight with his father over praying for the meal. His father founded really narrow minded and silly. I'm not surprised he rebelled agaisnt a faith he taught to believe in by people who didn't understand it themselves anyway. We do a lot more harm than good by trying to force people into beliefs.

I have a serious problem: I hate Christians.

Triple D 08/30/09
Wow, I can't believe this didn't get downraved once. Well, thank most of you for your answers. They were semi-helpful. But, since I've taken up yoga, I've had much less stress and the hatred has dulled to a numb buzzing. No need to worry. I'm all better.

one of the commenter said:

i hate christians too..they think they have the best religion and throughout history have clearly been the LEAST accepting of all other religions and races. They need to understand there is no man is the sky listening to them, and they dont go to a fairy tale place when they die..they just die.

In each of the contexts where these statements are made there are others who say "I am an atheist but I don't hate Christians and you should not either." Even though it's a useless fart in the wind and Hermit says I shouldn't even try, but to be fair, these guys only represent an aspect of atheism (which I point out every snigle time). Now I'm sure most of you will think I hate these guys back, but actually I don't. I feel sorry for some, sympathize with others. The guy whose father tired to force him to pray, I can well understand why he hate's Christianity. I can sympathize with that, that never works. You can't force people to believe things they don't believe, it's as simple as that. You want to push your kid away from you, tell him he has to believe what you do, when he's a teenager.

I don't hate these guys and I think they are going through phases and they've come to the net to vent. But I don't see the atheist movement doing anything for them. What I see atheist web sites and message boards doing for these guys, minus the sensible people who tell them not to hate (and i am glad to see that, that's part of what I wanted to influence through Atheist Watch) is to foment their hatred. It gives them a place to galvanize, to bond with others who share their anger but rather than healing it by giving  a constructive outlet it nurses it. Now they can hang out on message boards every day and talk about how stupid Christians are, and they can feel superior when mock and ridicule them. I see in these people (especially "cock crazy girl for life") a real need to bolster self esteem. But rather than finding outlets that allow bolstering they are being funneled into a setting where one does that by putting down the hated target group.

This is the essence of what hate groups do, they offer a venue for lonely disaffected angry people to come together and focus their anger on those they hate.


Metacrock said...

my statments here could not be more compassionate about those people. I said nothing at all derogatory about them. It's stupid to try and calim taht I am being hateful and defaming them. that's nothing buta lie and it's done to detract from what I'm doing here.
I will not publish crap that is designed to distract form the message. If you went to disagree you must do a honest argument that I can disprove. you can't just rail about how evil I am

I will win. you will not win. I will.

Metacrock said...

anyone who thinks I was being hateful toward atheists in that last post is an idiot. I was clearly bending over backwards to be compassionate.

the reason people think I was hateful is becuase they ideology says anytime you expose them you must attack the expose and full force make him pay. stick him with whatever he stuck you with.

I show the hate of the hate group so come back and say "Im hateful.

A Hermit said...

I hope you're not referring to the comments I tried to post here. I didn't say you were being hateful, I just asked what the point of this post is, and provided a collection of examples of statements I found on the net from Christians who say they hate atheists. Like this one:

"i hate atheists...
I'll say it again. I HATE ATHEISTS.

I hate them. God ought to exist simply to damn all of them to a painful torture in hell, if nothing else.

I have never met an atheist who wasn't:

A. A complete and utter beligerant asshole who had no conception of rational and level-headed dialogue
B. A confused and weak-minded individual with no real conception of observed reality
C. Molested as a child

or, most often, all three.

Atheists are complete shit. Atheist lives are worth nothing and their pain is deserved and of no consequence to anyone else."

Why are you afraid to post statements like that one from Christians? Is it only hate when atheists do it?

Metacrock said...

I hope you're not referring to the comments I tried to post here. I didn't say you were being hateful, I just asked what the point of this post is, and provided a collection of examples of statements I found on the net from Christians who say they hate atheists. Like this one:

the large majority of atheist message boards as a whole are designed to nurse hatred and develop it and make it stronger.

there is no major Christian movement to try and get hate against atheists worked up. All Christians will pretend to some degree, or be sincere to some degree, to love atheists and care about their souls. There are no atheist message boards that don't foment hatred and on which one can have rational discussions without mockery and ridicule. That includes Christian ran atheist boards.

Metacrock said...

I also notice you changed your stripes. The comments you sent that I didn't accept were not about "what kind of post" they were much more personal attacks on me.

A Hermit said...

There was no personal attack on you in those comments. There were a lot of examples of Christians saying they hate atheists...

Metacrock said...

yes your list is just an attempt to play tit for tat. You said atheists hate Christians so here are Christians who hate atheists.

I went beyond that to show that the atheist movement itself is bad for these people.It's using their anger as a weapon and nursing their bitterness and making them more full of hate.

you know the majority of Christianity are going to feel compelled to tell their guys "we aren't supposed to hate." Atheists don't have any such strictures.

mtucke03 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Metacrock said...

mtucke03 I have seen and commented on your blog. I'll keep it book marked and be back over now and then.


Tyrsenos said...

Just stumbled on this post (looking for something else) but just to let you all know "white power atheist" in one of your examples if in fact a christian posing as an atheist all over the net to make atheist look bad. He was on a lot of message boards last summer and left comments on many religious/atheist bloggs around september. Just saying you may want to take these already cherry picked examples with a grain of salt. Here's how he got caught.

Metacrock said...

Just stumbled on this post (looking for something else) but just to let you all know "white power atheist" in one of your examples if in fact a christian posing as an atheist all over the net to make atheist look bad. He was on a lot of message boards last summer and left comments on many religious/atheist bloggs around september. Just saying you may want to take these already cherry picked examples with a grain of salt. Here's how he got caught.

what's the proof that he was a Christian? Isn't that just speculation?

I see the IP thing but how do you know it's not the other way around? I've seen people over and over again who I suspect are atheists pretending to be Chrsitians to make Christians look bad.

Tyrsenos said...

I personally ran into "white power atheist" on a message board I frequent (topix) about 4 days after this first surfaced. He was saying the exact same things there too. He had been there a few days before I saw his post, and had been a prolific poster for those few days having arguments (they weren't "discussions") with everyone he could on multiple threads. In his arguments he never could tell anyone anything about his "beliefs" other than he was a proud racist atheist (and "Darwinism" had made him that way). After I confronted him though with the link about the IP address at daylight atheism and asked if he was the same person, he immediately disappeared from the boards never to respond again. Several days after that I found another post by him on a different thread (on the same boards, but from before I talked to him) where someone had caught him in a contradiction in his position and he made a sly post saying something to the effect that he was just testing atheist's. Either way he appears to be a fake.

Metacrock said...

he sounds like an all purpose troll. I mean someone who doesn't have any beliefs, he believes whatever gets him noticed at the moment.

But I have seen one other to an atheist white power group that is a group and not just one guy. It was on atheist revolution. So there may be a group and there may be more than one, but not many.

I think it's clear there aren't many atheist white power guys, but that doesn't mean white powers guys are Christians either.

Bad4jesus said...

Why hate Christians? Christianity is not hate. They just believe someone should die for them and they call everyone sinners. So, I don't see why Christianity would provoke any antagonism. They respect the rights of others and they don't insult people as a rule. Christianity is all about love not hate. They are very compassionate when they tell you you were born evil and its right to kill one man for the rest. They tell you a God loves you and so there are benefits to being dead too. Actually they tell you that you'll be better off dead. So, I don't see why anyone would call Christians mean or hateful or say negative things about them. Christians are very positive. They see death positively, so they are very positive. Valuing death is good advice.

Metacrock said...

sorry man. I don't think you understand Christianity very well. No Christian thinker I know of says death is better than life. The point is not dying it's knowing God.

Benjamin Lusk said...

Alright. Let me start this off by stating that I am neither Atheist, nor Religious in any way. I consider myself lacking any sort of title, though others may disagree. With that being said, let's get onto the show.

Metacrock, I definitely understand what you're doing and what you're trying to accomplish here. You are, in essence, trying to prove that while Atheists claim to be in control of themselves and above influence, they tend to be irrational and foolhardy.

On the same side of that, you are suggesting that Christians are cool headed and peaceful by nature.

Now, looking back on history, we can solidly examine the atrocities committed by the Christian faith, in the name of God. For example, The Crusades.

Does this condemn Christianity in my opinion? No. However, looking at all of the other atrocities committed by various religious groups DOES. Why? Because in my opinion, all religions are bad. Religion breeds war, breeds hate, and slows the human progress. This is historical fact.

To follow that up, if it weren't for religious organizations, we would probably have a cure for cancer, AIDS, and most other diseases, birth defects, mental illnesses, etc. But, to a religious follower, any method that (s)he disagrees with is automatically wrong, without looking at the facts or the betterment of the human race.

I will stand by the fact that I'm a hater, but for no irrational reason. My reasons are justified for one reason and one reason only. Religious followers hide behind their religion.

When asked why scientists can't pursue the cure that will save little 5 year-old Susan's life from Leukemia, the answer is always one of two. God has a plan for little Susan's five years of pain and suffering. Or, that is against God's will; if God wanted us to have a cure, he would give it to us.

However, most of those same people have no problem getting a flu shot or antibiotics when THEY need it.

And then there is always my favorite. Johnny kills fifty children in a school and claims God told him to do it, he gets finance and support to avoid the death penalty from various Church groups and organizations.

I guess the problem is, for me, towards any and all religious groups is the hypocrisy and self-righteousness that believing instills in to peoples' minds.

Onto my favorite part of this whole deal. When I was in fourth grade, a fellow student asked me, "Do you believe in God?"

I responded with a shrug and a simple answer, "No, I don't." The following insults and curses could simply be attributed to kids being kids. I can understand that, though it did not hurt any less. What gets me about the whole thing were the threatening phone calls, signs, and vandalism that my parents had to deal with after the incident from these students' PARENTS.

How can anyone claim that those actions are what God wants? They can't. All they can do is hide behind their religion and attack people for being different.

I have lived a good twenty three years and will continue to do so without the help or crutch of religion. I will continue to help those in need, and go out of my way to make a complete strangers day better. And when, or if, judgement comes... I certainly hope an arrogant God will understand why I never prayed to him or pretended like I cared about him. If not, then I will accept my punishment with dignity and pride.

Thank you.

Metacrock said...

thanks for your comments. I am just going to hit the highlights.

"Metacrock, I definitely understand what you're doing and what you're trying to accomplish here. You are, in essence, trying to prove that while Atheists claim to be in control of themselves and above influence, they tend to be irrational and foolhardy."

Not exactly. I am trying to show that they are just a bunch of intelligent who discovered religious is real stupid and thought there way out. they are actually just be pulled along by the force of a bandwagon that's not based upon intellectual truth but a number of psychological motivations. While atheism is nto bad per se it has an element in it that is dangerous and they need to accept that and say away form that element.

"On the same side of that, you are suggesting that Christians are cool headed and peaceful by nature."

NO I never said anything like that and I sure don't believe it. There is a dangerous element in Christianity, its' a more powerful than atheism. the right wing fudnies need to be convinced that they are following a foolish course.i tired to work on that in the election.

that doesn't mean I think all conservative Chrsitians are following a foolish course, no I bleieve in the faith, I support the Nicene creed.

"Now, looking back on history, we can solidly examine the atrocities committed by the Christian faith, in the name of God. For example, The Crusades."

why should that be thought of as "atrocities of the Christian faith?" Those were atrocities that result from ignoring the Christian faith.

your claim that religious organizations have held up cures for cancer and aids is a tall claim I doubt you can back it up with real evidence.

you make assertions that school shooters get off or get less than than death becuase Christian groups fund them. I know the Columbine guys show a girl for being a Christan. I am not aware of any who were using their own Christianity I think you made that up. can you document it?

"I've lived a good 23 years"
O shit I've become a curmudgeon. Paul told tim "let no one desire your youth." still I have to smirk. when I was 23 I didn't know crap. I've lived a 56 years and now I see the foolishness of what I thought when I was 23.

hey happy New Year buddy!

Benjamin Lusk said...


I want to highlight the points that you highlighted, yourself, and dispute them. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't allow me to copy and paste (or not that I've discovered!), so I'll have to simply brush over each point before continuing.

Now, I know you're dyslexic, so don't take anything that I add in parenthesis as an attempt to make fun of you. It is not, I assure. I simply want to be clear on my understanding of how you phrased certain bits, and how I interpret it.

The first point that I make is attempting to gather what you're trying to accomplish as the writer here. I state that you're trying to make atheists out as being irrational and foolhardy.

You disagree by stating that atheists are "intelligent (people) who discovered that (religion) is real stupid and thought their way out". And also that they are "being pulled along by the force of a bandwagon that's not based on intellectual truths, but psychological motivation".

I'll leave the first statement alone. The second one, I can't help but tear apart.

First and foremost, I want to see your degree in psychology if you're going to make a statement like that. I'd be real interested in knowing how your facts stack up to my brothers Masters in Psychology. That'd be a fun conversation. Second, you want to say they are being led on by the force of a bandwagon? Give me a break! Religion is the biggest bandwagon out there. That is why people can convert so easily between religions, and organizations like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), succeed so easily for the weak minded. Do NOT get me wrong. For some people, Atheism is just a FAD to get in on. But for the general majority, Atheism is simply a realization or understanding of the basic truths. God can't be seen, touched, felt, smelled, or tasted. Therefore, God does not exist. Those are basic truths.

Religion on the other bullies with threats of Satan and Hell to non-believers. Religions shun those who don't believe, making them feel alienated and hated in a culture that they belong in. How can you even justify saying Atheism is a bandwagon, when (for the most part), Atheists tend to simply ignore the subject of religion altogether?

The second point that you tried to make when I offered Christians up as being cool-headed was that, "I never said that and I sure don't believe it. There is a dangerous element in Christianity, its' a more dangerous (one) than Atheism". Okay... so... why are you singling out Atheist when there is a greater evil to battle? Priorities.

Third: you're going to defend The Crusades? Honestly. Years of slaughtering innocent people because they believed in a brown God vs. a white one? Seriously? That is.perfectly acceptable? I supposed Hitler killing 4 million people was perfectly alright, as well, seeing as though he did it in the name of White Christianity.

Now onto the medical. Religion, in general, does not believe in The Theory of Evolution. Okay, that's cool. But to keep our children, our future scientists, from being able to learn and explore this theory does hurt medical science. The sooner we can figure out our ancestral chain, the sooner we can isolate Homosapien-specific genetic disorders and then repair them.

And what about Stem cell research? The most promising medical discovery since penicillin. "I'm sorry, Mister Soldier man. You can never walk again, even though stem cells have proven to correct spinal damage!"

Now, the next point was funding to get criminals out of jail, or the best attorney is null and exagerrated. I give you that one except for one particular instance. Catholic priests. The Catholic church has fought every step of the way to keep RAPISTS, Sodomizers, and their child molesters out of prison. Argue that, I dare you. Oh, and please present evidence shoeing that the Columbine shooters shot someone because she was Christian. They killed themselves. Nice try.

Metacrock said...

I'm going to answer this in the main blog spot.

Metacrock said...

my answer to Mr. Lusk is here:


Anonymous said...

I, for one, really hate those atheists for being so bigoted and prejudiced against Christians. And so, it would tickle me pink if they get their comeuppance. Better yet, I want prejudice against theism wiped clean from the face of the earth forever.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit perplex by the opening lines from the author which state that since Atheist watch's purpose is to prove that hateful atheists exist... I would have thought there'd be little need to prove there are atheists who are hateful. However one can easily point to most groups of people and say he look, there's a hateful one. I can show you some very hateful bigoted Christians, but characterizing all Christianity like that is wrong. I'm not sure what that's going to achieve apart from make some less critical thinking Christians think that ALL/Majority of atheists are hateful which is not the case. I'm not sure focusing on the negatives of any group helps foster continuing dialogue? Any that my 2 pennies worth. Cheers LF

(PS - lol at the comment before mine. It's either a troll or highly ironic.)

Joe Hinman said...

that was way back in 2010. It evolved. the purpose wound up being something like an understanding of the atheist movement as an ideology.the original purpose was to show that it is a hate group. your point is based upon a petty distinction.