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For Rex: Do Atheists Want Answers?

Remember yesterday I gave the example of DP from CARM board who come on with an insulting air and asked a lot of loaded Questions. Then Rex got because I didn't treat the loaded question like serious inquirrires and answer them. That's because the purpose of this blog is not to disprove the atheist world view or answer their questions ( I do that on the other blog: Metacrock's Blog). The purpose of this blog is to show that there is such a thing as hate group atheism.

But meanwhile back on CARM DP comes back and asked why I think his questions are loaded. Here's what I said:

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your questions are loaded. how hard is that to understand?

take two examples:

Why do they accept these unlikely events as fact and all other religious claims as false?

Look at the way you describe it?you might as well say "why do you believe these false ideas?" how could possibly pretend you want a real answer when it clear your mind is made up you see things a certain way and you don't care what anyone says. what answer could possibly change your mind? It's not even certain that seeing an miracle change your mind.

What evidence is there that God actually communicated with these individuals other than their own written word?

gee I just don't know. We have the long elaborate arguments about evidence of the resurrection. but no that's no good because if it's written it can't be true, but when it's oral it can't be true either. so it can't be true ever not any time.

what have i been talking about on these 300 studies fora bout four years now? I've talked about them and posted them and put up links to the bibs over and over again no one has looked up a single study. Its' so obvious you have no intention at all of listening to any answers.

look that Rorian's approach to God arugments. the fact that he can't beat one just doesn't' come into it. they must be wrong a prori it doesn't matter that they are logic and he can't beat them. now atheist have gotten to where they argue that just be arguments in themselves proves they are wrong . so that winning a God argument proves that there is no God because you have to argue about it. that's hard core narrow minded.

you-get-answers-every-single-day! you never accept them, you pretend they don't mean anything, you usually can't beat them and you proclaim victory over them a priori just because they come to conclusions you don't want and then go on your saying "how can they believe these things!"

it's because you answer the arguments! Its' more than obvious you want answers. It's so bleeding totally obvious.

 Then here is his response:

I hope you didn't spend too much time on this because after reading the first sentence I skipped the rest.
Yea he was so serious about those questions! He was really interested in searching for truth. That's why when I give two examples as answers to a question he asked he doesn't even bother to read them and then runs away. Isn't this just an admission on his part that his questions were loaded? I can give you many many other examples of times when I've presented good solid evidence and they refuse to even consider it. One such example is the lungs of Charles Anne. I have evidence from the Catholic saint making committee, a young seminarian in the early 1920's had a form of TB that's much like black lung. He was on the verge of death. He was prayed for by someone who prayed to St.Teresa of Lenoux and that put her over the top as a saint, because the next morning the man' lungs were like new. This is proved by Xrays (they did have xrays in the early 20s, they were just coming into wide scale use).

First the atheists refused to accept that the Xrays even exist. I emailed a member of the medical committee who said they did. Then the refused to believe that they show that because I don't have the Xrays myself. they also complained because I used evidence from a devotional site dedicated to taht saint. they said anyone who would put up a site to that saint would be crazy and fanatical and would just make things up. But I argued that they can't do that because the medical committee documents it and this person with his own site can't make up what the evidence because it' has to be officially accepted by the committee. Then of course some of them argued that well the committee is made up of religious people, and thus they are lying. But that's just poisoning the well, no evidence ever be gathered because anything that supports religious view is automatically a lie then why ask  for evidence?

Then the issue became I don't have the evidence in my home. they want me to actually have the medical xrays myself at home and send them to them. So is that fair? Do you think I'm a library or something? how could I get them? Unless they hold them in their hands, that's so nutsie! Someone I know who used to be an atheist and whose main occupation in life was arguing with creationists pointed out to me that those atheists were arguing just the way creationists do! then I realized these guys are just ideologues, they are nothing more than fundies themselves! That's when I coined the term "Dawkies" (Dawkamentalist).

Even so, I still hate to see a reader of my blog in such a dither. Rex really wants to see those answers so I gess there are those who do actually want answers, or they feel they do. I can't supposse that they are all the same. So I will give Rex some answers on those questions.

I'll put them up tomorrow.

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ZDENNY said...

Rex is fun... He visits my blog too. He is not really searching at this point; however, God can change his heart so I continue to pray for him.