what's going on there? It's a version of the fortress of facts. It's just looked at from a different view point. Rather than say "we have a fortress of facts" it's looking form the other side and saying "you have no fortress of facts because you can't give me mechanical descriptions of what you know. If you don't know then of course it can't be true.

None of the people bombed no August 9, 1945 in Nagasaki died or were displace, there was no atomic bomb becuase none of the victims could give a mechanical explanation of nuclear fission.

Of course they were. The basis of mystical theology is we experience things beyond our understanding. WE can't talk about them properly but we did experience them. The fact is not talking about it does not make it go away.

It's a gimmick, it's part of the fortress of facts rhetoric that atheists use and it is meaningless.