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Euthaphro Dilemma: answering Wes Morriston *New!*
Response to Sandwalk on Courtier's ReplyPhotobucket

New Atheist Ideology Discredited and Discredited: Andrew Brown

belief, Rationalization, Manipulation
Loftus is Projecting againPrayer Studies vs. empirical reserach

Atheist Brain washing and Socilization

Victor Stenger's Straw God Arguments

anti-intellectual tendencies in New Atheism

Debunking the Atheist Fortress of Facts part 1

Debunking the Atheist Fortress of Facts part 2

My Review of Krauss's book 'A Universe from Nothing.'

Atheist Attempt to Inflate their Numbers: Staw God arguemnt
with "higher power."

Outrage and Incredulity, Atheist Charge of No Evidence

Atheists misconception about Metaphysics

The ideology of Scientism part 1 Photobucket

The ideology of scientism Part 2 Photobucket

The Atheist Reduction ofPhotobucket
Knowledge to Science part 1Photobucket

The Atheist Redution of Knowledge 
to Science. part 2Photobucket

can science disprove the soul? Photobucket

 New Category: Atheist Reveal Glimpse of 
True Goals, persecution of belief.

 Atheists Call for Eradication of Faith


The God Disproving Industry *NEW!*
Major portion of academic studies in social science
aimed disproving God, methodology almost always

Debunking the Atheist Fortress of Facts 
part 1 

Debunking the Atheist Fortress of Facts 
part 2 


(bogus studies, social scinece, arguments)

Jeff Lowder contra Theism *NEW*!
Six issues disconfirm theism. This is a debate I attacked

My Answer to Lowder on Six things*NEW!*
Debate with Lowder, my rebuttle

Are Atheists Their Brother's Keepers? bogus atheist social science New

Atheist Special PleadingPhotobucket

Atheist Propagaanda and Religious Experince
(Daren Brown's attempt to inoculate us against reigius

"Center for Inquiry" Poll of Religion is Atheist PropagandaPhotobucket

Studies that Claim Religious Belief is Magical Thinking (disproved)

Psychology Todoay Scam

Nigel Barber: The Uncertainty Theory of Religious belief:
Bogus atheist social sciences.

Nigel Barber asks: Will  Atheism Replace Religion?

Atheist build mythology of slander

Atheists try to deny that "higher power" refers to God

Media Hype. Alleged Increase in Atheism is Hoax

Examining Atheist Propaganda

Prayer Studies and atheist Echo Chamber

The Atheist Scam

The Atheist IQ bad science and Racist Assumptions: Kanazawa,Nyborg, Lynn, Hamilton.

The Atheist IQ Scam, part 1

The Atheist IQ Scam, racist assumptions

Are Natural Scientists Smarter than Religious people Or Social Scientists?Photobucket
E.Dutton and Richard Lynn

No Pew Study Says Atheists Know Bible Better than Christians

Bogus Atheist Social Sciences: Nigel Barber's theory of Belief and Uncertainty.

Barber part 2

Atheists psychology today scam

Courtier's replay and the Fool's Gambet

Dawkins's Arguments agaisnt the existence of God
from The God Delusion

Atheist Propaganda at work: Answering Ex-Christian net
(cross referenced below) *

Dawlins and Atheist Straw God part 2

Atheist prison Scam: supposedly Chrsitains in prison more

Atheist Ridicule Gauntlet on Prison Issue

Are Christians more likely to go to Prision (vol 3)

Atheist Slavery Billboards


Atheist Live out Life of Brian: Battle Each Other

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