Tuesday, October 13, 2015

News flash atheist says something stupid!

Old Richard Carrier is talking about a falling out between Loftus and Lowder, Loftus says a person must have a Ph.D. to be a philosopher(not it, just wait, although that is dumb). Carrier is defending Lowder who has no Ph.D. in philosophy but knows philosophy well, and says: "Since no one can do science or history well without doing philosophy well, all scientists and historians are de facto philosophers. They don’t need to have specific degrees in it to do this."

That's like saying property is theft, therefore, theft is property," Think about the illogic of that statement. You can't do science well without doing philosophy therefore all people doing science are philosophers. That assumes they are all doing it well. Reverence for the priesthood of knowledge. How does he explain Krauss labeling a chapter "Against philosophy" and Hawking saying philosophy is dead.

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