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The argument turns on the notion that you can have a possible world with no contingencies, just God.

Exactly. Such is a possible world because God must be thought to exist in all possible worlds (if he exists) but contingencies do not have to be thought to exist in all possible worlds.

Right but that doesn't change the fact that if any contingents come about they must be created by God (if there is a god) that means God must be first cause. First casue would be contingent upon creating but that is not an impediment upon God's necessity.

Then you say God can't be first cause in such a world
Of course. God can't be a first cause in a possible world where only he exists.

the you leap to the erronious conclusion that therefore God wont be first cause in any world.

Exactly. God is what he is in all possible worlds.
But he does not have to create in all possible worlds.

Invalid because it's only contingent on not creating. If God creates God is first cause. we have discussed this before. God's role as creator is Continent, that doesn't mean the divine essence is contingent.

It means that a "creator God" is a contingent being because "creator" is contingent.

you are not listening please read the words and think about what they mean:

(1) God is not a being.

(2) God's being is not contingent but his actions are (energies vs. essence).

You are also creating a contradictory world and tyring to feiot it in based upon the misunderstanding. While you can have a world with no contingencies and just God you can't have a world with God and bunch of contingencies he did not create.
You most certainly can.

There is nothing logically contradictory about the notion of things coming into existence acausally in a reality where God is thought to exist. You appear to be conflating between first cause and pre-condition.

yes of closure there is, don't be silly! the concept itself is misguided and logically contradictory. The words are oxymorons "a causal" and 'creation" are opposite concepts. A creation is a cause.

that would be especially true if God is being itself.

the concept you have is quite wrong and this is the problem with making God into a being. God is not just one thing you can ad or subtract. If God is real then all being is in God. God has to be for anything to be. So there can't be contingencies that didn't make.