Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am just over whealmed with how stupid they are. several people have sent me emails, intelligent people who don't do message boas they saw CARM and they are just shocked at petty they are. they are stupid! they so stupid. the arguments are just petty like petty little crap that has nothing to with logic. they don't listen they assume I'm like all other Christians. even though own guys will say that I'm not it goes in one ear and out the other.

Why would anyone want to be part of movement of really stupid people who don't listen and can't think?

I put up my post about 8 levels of verification in the Gospels they all they do is go "eye witnesses are bad. eye witness confirm Joseph Smith so therefore eye witnesses are bad." They assume Mormons are really stupid and Jo Smith was a cretin and they had witnesses so therefore eye witnesses suck and anyone who has them is wrong. I make arguments like "hey eye witnesses not bad. the reason the FBI talks about them being inconsistent to say if they all say the same thing it collusion. They are not saying they are bad. No prosecution has ever said let's go to court with no witnesses. They come back and go "eye witnesses are bad becasue Mormonism started with eye witnesses." "you think eye witnesses confirm the bible but Jo Smith had eye witnesses." no extension not response to counter argument. pathetic.

Then in discussing Jesus' historicty they turn right around and say "you can't have a single eye witness to the idea that Jesus existed. we have eye witnesses who saw Cesar!" I point that out and they still say the same thing again!

Are they putting something in the breakfast food at Atheist summer camp or something?

REPATING THE MANTRAS of your little brain washing will not make it come true.

real historians don't say "Jesus couldn't have been a real guy because they say worked miracles and that's impossible." that is not a real standard of what historical evidence is! you can't negate the historical nature of Jesus by doing that. it's an excuse.

your ideological ejection of miracles is not historical evidence.

I prove the Gospels are very historical and you can't make be unhistorical with hysterical atheist apologetic that ignore real historical principles.

you have not answered the 8 levels


Unknown said...

Atheists aren't stupid - in fact, they are, on average, better educated and more intelligent than theists, and the claim that they "can't listen and don't think" is simply a lie.

Atheism, of course, isn't a movement (a series of organized activities working toward an objective; also : an organized effort to promote or attain an end).

After your post about 8 levels of verification there were, of course, far more replies than "eye witnesses are bad. eye witness confirm Joseph Smith so therefore eye witnesses are bad". When you claim that saying that is "all that they do", you lie.

There is no "atheist summer camp" nor is there any set of standard atheist dogma, as seems to be implied.

And no, you haven't proved anything. You have provided some evidence; you have provided no proof whatsoever.

And as always you ignore the fact that most atheists quite readily agree that the evidence indicates that there was indeed a person named Jesus at the time and further, that he was a leader of some degree. It is the supernatural events described in the gospels that atheists reject as being unevidenced - quite rightly.

But of course, don't let the facts stop your endless tirade of hate against atheists.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that's all bull shit. the studies show (not the religious experience studies I talk about, the "200" but studies on IQ and religious belief) that there is no correlation.

this overwhelming 17 t0 6. 16 studies show no correlation (or that religious people are smarter) and only about 6 show atheists smarter, if we judge smart by IQ.

The studies that show that are old and badly done.

see facts on Doxa