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More atheists defend mocking, ridicule, hate and thug tattics.


Atheists, there's no ideology. Of course not, they have merely convinced themselves so hard that Christian bleief is so stupid (even though 90% don't know anything about and they believe in avoiding learning about it) that they convinced themselves is fiar an just to mock, ridicule and brow beat and force people to keep quite about their views. If I dare to suggest that this approach has anything to do with brown shirts (Hitler's thugs who beat up his opponents) I'm being hateful. One of their little bully boys is called "back up." He wet all over the net, found stuff to post about me on CARM that has nothing to do with carm (was unfair and taken out of context anyway). Then he comes back and puts it on carm, get's himself banned because that's against the rules, then sends me hate email saying "you bot me banned." All I did was point out how he broke the rules. I didn't make him break the rules.

Mocking people is fine and good and needs to be done becuase they are saying stupid things, according to throw up but if I report his rule violation then I'm to blame for his actions! With that kind of thinking I can see why he hates God. Here is Threw up making spirited, thoughful, and intellectual defense of the use of bully tactics.

an idiot called "backup" on CARM 12/23/10

Throw up says:

...when adults imagine themselves to have magical powers or speak with authority about the supernatural?
Of course that's totally unfair because he has no evidence that the majority of religious people even see things this way. Even if they did would it be just and fair to ridicule them? Does he ridicule people for having a rabbit's foot or blowing on dice? That's on a par what he thinks religion is. Yet he obviously hates religion with a fury he does not demonstrate agaisnt rabit's feet.

I don't know how to react. I will mock people online but in real life it just makes me feel awkward. Is this common? Maybe religion is like thumb sucking. Humiliation by peers might be the cure.
Does it work? Obviously hes' no humanist becuase progressive child rarely since Spock sees humiliating a child as a psychological disaster. But waht the heck as long as it hurts religious people where's the harm? (that would be Dr. Spock, not Mr.).

Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
gives you a rush hu? You feel like a big powerful somebody because you can ridicule people and make feel small for believing in that mean old nasty god guy that let let you do your little thing hu? O that doesn't' back up my studies that atheist have poor self esteem does it?

Throw Up
What studies? Please provide links.
Links from atheistwatch

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I would be so embrasure to be an atheist today.

And we'd all be 'embrasure' to be you.
Going down hill fast. Of course the atheists are all ignoring the fact that he started it. Look at the top. Look at the fact that he's defending treating people ina degrading hurtful manner merely to "break" them of a belie he personally dislikes, but what gives him the right to decide that he can duress to force people give up a view just becuase personally hates it?

That is exactly what the Brown shirts did! That's the very definition of a thug and bully.

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I was an atheist. I thought my way out of the brain washing of fundamentalism at a time when being an atheist really was about thinking.
You mean just like today.

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Then I thought for myself, which you have not done, and wet further than atheism to the truth of God.

And out comes the insults. You need to learn that people can thing for themselves and still disagree with you. For you to say someone hasn't thought for themself simply because they have reached a different conclusion than you is insulting and completely without support.

aahahahah its' so classic! He's defending mocking people because what they believe is stupid and deserves to be taken away from them by foce regress of what it does to their feelings, when you do it him (his view is so stupid am I not equally justified? all I'm doing is taking seriously what he said) he goes to pieces. Now he wants someone to fair when it's hurting his feelings!

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I did that as an atheist without presume from upbringing or chruch. Dawkamentalists today are brain washed by their need to feel powerful.
Meaning I came to believe in God while an atheist so I was not influenced by my upbringing.

There are no "Dawkamentalists". They exist only in the minds of a few, like you, who imagine something that is not the case.
So now he's going to get touchy about ridicule. Its' ok when he does it, he can say "Xian" all he wants to. He can't allow me to make my own name for the miscreants on his side.

Quote Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
Ridicule is not a valid form of argument the Dawkies who try to win by ridicule are merely showign how ignorant they are.

Yet it is a form of argument you use constantly. Funny, that.

well duh. What did you say above? "if it's the cure." Can't take your own medicine.

Then another chimes in using the famous Jefferson quote which is taken out of context.

"Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them." -- Thomas Jefferson

In other words, you're right, ridicule is not a valid form of argument. But in this case argument is not necessary. To call the idea that a person can know the mind of God an arguable point is to grant the concept a legitimacy it does not warrant.

Well why? How do you know that? No answer was ever gieven and no way we can know was offere offered. Just another case of atheits trying to stuiplate truth. what's really going on is this person is comparing my view to the atheist template and saying "it doesn't fit so it must be wrong." this is an ideology by definition. Its' an ideology they are willing to hurt people to enforce. they are willing to become thugs and force people into their thinking.

Of cousre not all atheist do this, some repudiate it. Yet it is indicative of the general thesis of atheist watch: a segment of the atheist community is beginning to think and act like a hate group. They are such hypocritical and petty pipsqueeks I don't see how anyone would want to be associated with them.

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