I'm no James Randy to offer 1mil. But I can spare 10k. But, I'm also a gamer (I injoy board/card games) I dont gamble per say, but I'm not opposed to it. So, I will bet my 10k agenst yours if you would care to wager on an outcome - but I do not think anyone will "take my bet"
So, forget betting - I'll just offer the 10k ($10,000) to anyone who can show some way to afferm that the "supernatural" "spirtual" "sprits" "ghosts" "devils" "demons" "angels" "God" "god" "Gods" "gods" "afterlife" "heven" or "hell" actualy exist by using any of the below:

1: Emperical evedance.
2: A repeatable test.

For the next catagory, I will offer $5,000.
You can get this money if you can offer up a logicaly sound decitive augment whos premices are KNOWN TO BE TRUE. And that does not fail any of the logical rules of persanary diolouge, no falacys alowed! Do this, and I'll paypal you the 5,000.