Friday, February 25, 2011

Ad Absurdum: "Why I hate Atheists"


I ran into this amusing piece with a serious point I thought it deserved a read. It's a spoof so the title is not serious about hating atheists.

From the Blog "Ad Absurdum"

Ok, hate may be a strong word, but I do have serious problems with some atheists who think they are clever, or funny, by being so anti-religious. The following was posted to an atheist message board, with my responses following:

10. You hear any body say god you can't help but snicker.
9. The nearest bible is at that thing called church.
8. You think Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell should be put in an insane asylum and force fed prozac until they quit predicting doom and gloom all the time.
7. All churches should be taxed like any other business.
6. You know global warming is real like evolution.
5. Half your shirts have atheist or evolution sayings on them along with bumper stickers on your car.
4. Your library is mostly science, atheism and history.
3. You won't date a man or woman that if they believe in any of that holy shit.
2. You belong to an atheist organization.
1. You think the current president is some kind of devolved mutant variation gone horribly wrong.

10. Someone's belief, or disbelief in god shouldn't impact you one way or another. It's just another way to be smug and disrespectful.
9. Most people in the US have some kind of Christian upbringing, or at least exposure. It's childish to be so ignorant, so anti-religious that you wouldn't read a bible, koran, or torah. Being atheist should give you greater freedom to expose yourself to different religions. What are you afraid of, that the bible will bite you? Christians will tell atheists to read the bible, to look for the truth. I say, read the bible, and know it better then the person asking you to read the bible.
8. Robertson and Fallwell are crazy in their own right, but do you honestly think that someone else won't reach for the microphone when they are gone? There is a group of people who have this itch in the back of their mind, either through upbringing, social experience, or other times ignorance, which tells them gay sex is icky, or, Muslims sure are scary. Pat and Jerry do a good job of scratching that itch, it's a power trip that lots of people wouldn't pass up if given the chance.
7. Taxing churches is a tricky question. The idea is that churches don't provide any benefit to a community, and are actually profitable enterprises. The author may be thinking of mega churches with book stores and coffee shops inside. I do feel that a large enterprise like that should be heavily evaluated for tax exempt status. But what about the small churches in rural America who have enough trouble keeping members as it is. Not every pastor is driving a luxury car. It's difficult to separate the two, how do you determine who to tax? The thing I love most about churches is the ability to provide for a community, regardless of belief. I loved hearing stories about churches helping out during Katrina when no one else could. They didn't help to gain membership, or to be disciples, but to help people because they needed it. I'd like to see more of that. I think the homelessness problem could be helped over night if church doors were open all day and night. The hurdle is liability, and safety. I tell you if I had a church, I'd have it open as much as I could. I think there is a focus of large churches that resembles a business, complete with business plans, and marketing executives. But, how do you change that? Just like people aren't forced to give people on the street money, no one is forcing membership to mega churches.
6. I have no idea how the global warming issue became a religious matter, but again, I think there is a vocal minority who doubt global warming, and somehow think that by believing that the earth is getting warmer is a sign that god doesn't exist. That's a silly proposition. I think a lot of people are ignorant of global climate change, and maybe they were told something in church, so that's what they believe, but believers in global warming could also be guilty of the same fault, by taking an article or movie at face value. Here is my blip about global warming: We don't yet understand the human mind, or human physiology as well as we should. We have difficulty predicting weather past 30 days. We need to do much more serious work regarding global climate change. We just don't know enough yet. We don't know enough to determine which changes to make. Where should trees be planted, for example, to lower the temperature? We need a Manhattan Project for global warming. All of it may be for naught anyway, it may be a pattern in the cycle that the earth goes through. I do think that people are capable of coming up with solutions, we just need a lot of people, lots of solutions, and the ability to test them in simulation.
Read more, see link above.

Now let's look at the little mockers who come in to bash the eneny and stop the attack against their side.

Daniella said...

Wow, feel better now? For someone who is defending themselves against the 'ignorance of atheists,' you sure do know how to tip the odds in your favor. Not all atheists are intelligent and witty. Not all Christians are either. The fact is that this has nothing at all to do with religion (or lack there of.) It is on an individual basis that you determine arrogance or smugness.To say that you hate atheists, or even 'strongly dislike' them for being smug and arrogant, is rather blunt and inappropriate. I dislike small minded fundamentalists, but you don't see me taking quotes out of context and trying to prove that my point is more valid, and that the religious group I belong to is less arrogant and more intelligent. This is stupid. If atheists bother you that much, take it up with the individual that in particular is bothering you, don't rant and take it out on an entire group of people that have absolutely no ill intentions towards you. The only thing you will accomplish is breeding more hate and intolerance, BOTH ways.

So you can't say that mocking arrogant cretins are rude because it's their right to be rude? But she wouldn't hesitate to say all the standard mocking ridicule against Christians, then justify by saying 'but their is so stupid I don't have to read it." She's proving their point.

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