Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Atheist Scam

We theists have to start getting tough with these guys. This garbage has gone on long enough. Their little games are getting really sick. They are a self deluded bunch of scam artists who are themselves brain washed by other who pulled the scam on them. I don't mean just having problems believing is a scam. There are clearly well meaning people who just don't see it, but when they get together in groups on the net and start frequenting the same websites all the time they pick up bad habits.

Atheism is a scam on the net in the websites such infidels and so forth. you can see this from their habits of argumentation. Here are some of the games they play:

there's no proof for your God

they will chant this mantra until they die. They will never never never never never never admit that anything not anything at all might even potentially qualify as evidence. for years I wondered why are they so hard headed? I mean even the most ludicrous ideas have some evidence for them. Such as Bigfoot, if you really study it the skeptical case against Bigfoot is pathetic and it's based upon ignoring most of the claims of evidence that Bigfoot "believers" bring forth.

I don't necessary believe in Bigfoot, I have big huge doubts that it could exist. When skeptics say things things "if they are there why don't people see them?" Then I go to a data base and see thousands of claims that people see them, you have to wonder, what's with such a skeptic?

Atheists are the same way. There are tons of good arguemnts for God but no atheist will ever admit not just there's evidence, they don't even admit anything could potentially prove it. I used to wonder why do they do that? Finally when I began to realized that atheism is basically brain washing and a scam I began to realize why do they do it. They are not evaluating evidence, they are comparing the one claim God exists" to their standard of atheist propaganda. They say "does this God argument stack up to what the atheist ideology tells me I must believe?"

Of course it doesn't because it contradicts. So they just dismiss it, it's not evidence because it can't be, nothing can ever be evidence unless it's in line with the brainwashing, which is the atheist ideology.

That's just subjective

Here's another favorite game atheists love to play. They can dismiss all the arguments given on the grounds that religion is experiential based and that makes it subjective and subjective is always wrong. One can see how idiotic this is just asking one simple question, Is it theoretically possible that some subjective evidence could be good evidence? Well when we consider how many things about reality are experiential based you have to figure that it can be good evidence at times. So their total blanket dismissive of "subjective" is largely jut crap.

The problem of other minds, it's resolution in the assumption of other minds, one's own existence, the trust that the sun will rise tomorrow, the idea of life as worth living all of these things re subjective or they resolve with subjective assumptions. Basically, humans are incapable of being objective. That renders the atheist dismissal of subjectivity pretty silly. It means that the charge "that's subjective" is just a meaningless slogan of their propaganda.

your reasoning is poor

This is another slogan that has nothing to do with reasoning. Most of these guys don't even know that logic as specific rules and it's own specialized language or that it's an academic specialty. In general when most people say "that's not logical" what they mean is "I don't like that. Atheists thrive on feeling superior. That's why they mock and ridicule all the time, because they need to feel that they are smarter than religious people. So they use phrases about logic and imply that they are considering the rules of logic and you are not, but in reality most of them don't even know that logic has rules, or at least they know no more about the rules than the next guy.

this happens all the time, I'll be pasting them in an argument they will just resort to "you are not using logic." But that's exactly what I am using and they are not. Just on this board in the last few days one atheist insisting that "irreducibility" must be a creationist concept as though no real science would ever say that. That's based upon the ID guys using the phrase so therefore the phrase must be wrong. That's not logical, it's also not well read, but that's their use of logic becuase they are not, using logic that is. Or in the argument on the God is not imaginary, I have 300 studies and they guy say "you haven't given any evidence." I put up links to several pages of evidence on my site and I posted 50 source right in the thread and he still, though he has not one single source of his own, has the audacity to say "you have no evidence." Why? Because they don't use reason. they don't use logic. "Logic" for them is just a slogan like saying "Yeah" or "boo that." "you don't use logic" means "boo that."

Orwellian use of language.

Like in the novels of George Orwell the ideological regime uses language bent to it's own purpose to control things. Atheists use language this way all the time. One good example is the use of the term "imaginary." God is just imaginary. they say that just means not proved.but obviously it carries consolations or stupid, childish irresponsible, baseless no good reason for it. they are trying to have it both ways. On the one hand they want to deny these insulting qualities but hey want to keep using it.

The kicker is they wont allow it to be used of their stuff. try to use it in the same way of scientific theories such as string theory they will not have it. They say "but that's a scientific theory so it deserves better" but they just go through saying it's no insult to call it "imaginary." Obviously it is and hey know it and they are fulfilling a fast one. they wont use if of their own stuff even if it's not proved. So that shows us it's a scam. Atheism is a scam. ti' snot about thinking it's about anger and resentment.

Here's a new one:

Provide me with your explanation here, and then supplement with a reference preferably through a filter of or a respectable site written by experts and I'll happily oblige. You are constantly using stereotypes in your descriptions of atheists.

in other words this person is saying no evidence quoted by a non atheist can be true. Only atheist propaganda counts as evidence.


talkingprimate said...

No offense there chief, but the fact you think we hate you because we think your beliefs are unfounded and a little ridiculous, pretty much negates any argument you may have had... We are not a hate group. We leave that up to the religious zealots who are threatened by us...

Metacrock said...

That's really pretty stupid. To think that if you don't actually hate me, and I'm wrong about that so must be wrong about everything else, that's pretty dim witted. This is especially true since it's so bleeding that you are full of hate you are a hate group. The evidence is replete. it's all over this blog. It's every single post show atheist attitudes of hate.