Sunday, October 11, 2009

I use spell check every signle time

I get email like every day saying "use spell check" I say this all the time I use spell check ever single time! I have fire fox. you have to use it it's in the text box. don't you get that?

at the end of the last post I said "this has been spell checked." there are no mistakes in it.

Now here are the first two paragraphs of the last post:

This (not underlined)
blog (not underlined)
has (not underlined
hit (not underlined)
the (not underlined
big (not underlined)
time (not Underlined)
again, (not underlined)
by (Not underlined)
being (not Underlined)
put (not Underlined)
on (not underlined)
the (not underlined)
reddit (not Underlined)
com (not underlined)
list (not underlined
where (not underlined)
mindless (not Underlined
trolls (not underlined
will (not underlined)
say (not underlined)
stupid (not underlined
things (not Underlined)

do I need to show you ever single word like this?

having read the blog and having never read a single book on any subject. The amazing thing is this whole attack came about becuase I called the atheists on their little game of first demanding proof, then refusing to discuss the proofs. "There's no proof for your God." "here's a proof" "no that's not proof, there's no proof" then refusing to argue about the argument but going straight into attacking the person making it. I call them on this and they go ballistic.

O I"m insulting them, right. "you are mean, no good, you are not on the side of right because you are insulting us." But those very same people who said that on this blog came over here from message boards where just got through mocking and ridiculing Christians. So when you give them their own medicine they can't stand it. I am not even treating them as badly as they treat me. I hasn't done have the mocking and ridiculing of those people that is done to me on carm every single time I go there. But they want to be privileged. They don't want to have to prove anything to be taken as proved. They want to be free to mock, ridicule and deride others with impunity and when you treat them the way they treat other o it's a major crime against humanity, it's terrible, O it makes you a terrible person!

None of those words are under either. Underline meaning they are being tagged by the spell checker. Do you want me to show you every single word like that?

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