Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Atheists run form truth

On Tweb this atheists refused to look at the link I put out on the grounds that its' on a Christian site so it has to be a lie. Then when I said it was from authoritative sources, he said "you want me to just assume your site is authoritative." No not my site stupid, my source! Don't you know what a source is?

This reaction reminds me of a time when I tried to actual witness to Moonies. They were terrified and refused to hear anything I had to say. This is the way people in cults act when they are confronted with factual info that contradiction their brain washing. the little voices in their heads are saying "you better not listen to that its' against the brain washing."

Atheists are starting to really react to this site. Of course it's all negative. I'm so stupid and I can't think and I never went to school. I'm finally seeing the full picture of atheism and ugly it is. I'm starting to advocate that we get tough with them. we call them on their games, we don't try to smooth it over or treat them little delicate little hurt children but dish it out to them they way they do to us.

They are vicious hate monger and brainwashed minions of a hate group. We can't afford to underestimate the lengths they will go to to destroy us.


Rex said...

Unfortunately, different groups of people need to dealt with and spoken to in the way that they understand best. Terrorists for example, understand nothing but terror violence and death, so sometimes, they must be shown large quantities of the same methods they employ in order to show them that their methods / ideology will no longer be tolerated.

Similarly, some irrational uneducated hate filled judgmental closed minded fundamentalist religiously deluded nutcases, need to be dealt in the only way that they understand. They must be confronted on their irrational, illogical “faith”, and they must be made to understand that not everyone condones their influence on public life. Additionally, the only thing most of these idiots understand is mocking, name calling, rudeness, and high volume. It must be from all of the sermons that they have sat through; they don’t get a point unless it is yelled at them repetitiously.

We are well past the time where we (atheists) could say, in a calm and respected way, that we have a different view, and that we would like to hold that view privately, without interference from the government trying to force us to bow to the religious majority, or religious “morals” in public. We want public life to be free of religious influence. What everyone does in the privacy of their own home and “churches” regarding religion, or not, should be their own business.

Civil conversation on these topics just doesn’t work. Religious zealots are scared to death of the mere existence of another viewpoint. It is as if their “faith” is so fragile, that if a different view is espoused anywhere, their “beliefs” will shatter like fine china on concrete, and then according to the brainwashing that they have received for their whole lives, we will all burn forever. They escalate the rhetoric to the point where if an opposing viewpoint is to be heard, it must be rude, confrontational, and at a volume that will rise above the din of shouted scriptures.

It takes two pigs to fight in the mud. If you don’t like the mud, then stop fighting in it.

J.L. Hinman said...

I think you are living in a dream world. that's what the hate group has brain washed you to think. It's always time to say clamly and nicely "we have a different view and we are willing to discuss it." that is always what one should do. I tired to do and atheist spit in my face.

they are bullies and irartional thugs. they not oppressed they are the opporessors.

I know there are fundies who are jsut as bad. I have the victim of fundies too. I would not put anything past them.

Most religious people are not fudies most religious people believe in being nice to you. You could find a chruch where you would feel happy and fit in if you wanted to. If you don't want to that's your privilege.

you are not a persecuted minority but on the net you are trying to persecute us.