Thursday, June 11, 2009

More hate group stuff from Athetsi

On carm atheist says:

Wow! So basically you're admitting religion is bogus, but you think that touching little boys, driving planes into buildings full of people, drinking god blood, and fighting stem cell research improves peoples' lives...

so Christians are child molesters. the context of this statement is the charge that religious experince is delusion. So this guy having seen me refer to a boat load of studies that disprove any link between RE and mental illness (source of delusions) reaches into the recesses of his bigotry and tells me that my sweet little grandmother was a child molester and a mass murderer. He didn't say "your grandmother" but he's sticking all Christians with that. That would include her.

If he's sticking all of Christianity with those things because the acts of a few Priests and some Muslims, then he's calling my grandmother that.

The other atheists on the board could stop it but they are gutless cowards who don't know right from wrong so of course they don't say anything. This is the action of a hate group. Their only purpose in being on a message board is to spew venom against those they despize.


Anonymous said...

I'd be more sympathetic if you weren't still defending that Cardinal who called me "less than fully human..." ;-)

J.L. Hinman said...

I wouldn't defend him if your view were ratinoal but they not. He did not say that. you are being hysterical in your understanding of what he said shows your ignorance of theology. anyone who understands real theology would know exactly what he's saying.

Its' stupid to say that any christian would say atheist are not human then there would be no point in converting them.