Thursday, June 4, 2009

Atheist suck

On carm little oobergober says:

All kidding aside, does any one else have that creepy feeling that he should NOT be allowed to own a gun...?

Anyhow, back to the humor. This thread is hilarious! Now I know who I was dealing with... as if I wasn't tipped off by his website...

so after saying things like that they go "you sound angry." gee really? wow why would I angry man. It's just that you know. little stupid fuck pieces of shit are telling me I'm such fucking disaster becasue I know things they don't know?

What is atheism but mob rule? they are nothing more than little bully demons. People who have come back from NDE experinces of hell describes demons and they act just like athiests on message boards.

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Anonymous said...

Atheists hate what they don't understand. Simple. Plain and simple. They feel threatened by anything and anyone different from them.

My fellow Christians: you are not alone! Atheists try to make us as miserable as possible, but we need to stand tall and stand together! We will rise above! :)