Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing Randy, the center of the atheist universe

not so Amazing Randy

On an atheist message board I was giving an account of an incident that happens to me years ago involving the Amazing Randy. I had asked him if he studied Lourdes in an email and he sent one back cursing me.

I was polite. I didn't say "hey Jerk..." I was a polite as I could be. I asked him if he had studies the Lourdes miracles. He sent an email backing saying that he had not. It should have let it end there but since they had goaded me about the money I added something to the effect that if he did study the miracles maybe he would find he should give the money to the Catholic chruch. I mean after all, if they fit the conditions why not? I didn't curse I did not saying rude or hateful.

He did come back a string of curing calling me names telling me I was this and that and the other thing. So I sent one back showing him I have as a vocabulary has he does. We exchanged a couple like that I don't remember how many. I really don't blame him that much because he probably gets jerks and cranks and peple harassing him and he probably I was such a person. I really wasn't trying to do that. I think it was suggesting the Catholics should get the money that made him think I was a Catholic I guess, and perhaps a troll or something.

I know another guy who had a very similar experience with him. It was another issue and I don't know what the issue was.

The atheists on that board just accept the fact that this happened. It had to be my fault or it didn't happen at all. When I produce all sorts of proofs and insist it did then one of them just resorts to insults:

I did not do that nor did I say I did. Read what I said above (that's on the first page of the thread and this is on the second) I clearly stated that I began asking him if he studied Lourdes. I don't have the authority to make a claim on behalf of the Catholic church so I did not. I merely suggested that he should study it. So this guy can't read. Then he comes out with this:

The fact that you would initially present the claim might have been due to the fact that you hadn't researched into the requirements (i.e. read the application) prior to submitting the claim (which seems evident).

The fact that after presented with the reason (by me, just a few days ago, in this very thread) as to why this claim doesn't qualify, that you then attribute to Randi (with an "I") some ulterior excuse, indicates to me that you have a tendency to see things that aren't really there. Perhaps you are genetically disposed to such delusions, and it's not something you can overcome. If so, this is no moral fault of yours. My mother has the same problem, so I'm very aware of the symptoms. I'm not sure if there is any medication or therapy that helps with this, or not — I know that a weekly dose of "Jesus doesn't like liars" seems to have been helping her a bit lately, but hasn't completely taken care of it. If I were in the same position, though, and someone pointed this out to me, I think it would be in my best interest to try as many things as I could to overcome the problem. I know it has caused her much heartache, personally and professionally.
Well damn. His little hero is besmirched so he has to become insulting. He invents this little fiction about my sanity rather than believe that his little idol would do something wrong. See how this just shows that they are infected with the brain washing and they handle what's real? They can't accept facts so they invent things do any sort of excuse just to avoid admitting one little truth.

If the Amazing Randy is a Jerk does that mean God exists? No of cousre not. Does it mean all atheists are bad. no of cousre not. So why is this guy so unable to handle reality that he has to invent this little insulting theory rather than admit one little hero could have a bad day?

In fact I actually tried to let randy off the the hook. I said it was just a bad day i don't hold it against him. But that's not good enough for this little self serving asshole who whose mother is insane. Why is he throwing this little tirade?

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