Thursday, June 3, 2010

Atheist liars

I notice Rex has still not learned the fallacy of guilt by association. He linked to some atheist site where some big lie is being about a whole chruch raping a woman. then the chorus Greek tragedians chime in "O Christianity is evil, it's horrible. is so so so very very very very very very very very bad!

Atheists cannot argue fairly, they just cant. there some chemicals in their brains that wont let them understand the difference in true and false, or think logically. If you can show one, ten, a hudred, a thousand even a million cases of  Christians doing something bad that does not mean that Christianity is evil or that it's untrue. that's stupid and iiditioc and fallacious to think it does.

Logicians have agreed upon what arguments are fallacies (untrue) and guilt by association is one of them. This is where you say X is evil, anyone hanging out with X is evil too. Christians are all evil and lazy because one is evil and lazy. That's just a logically falalcious thing, in others stupid.

We should make a huge list of all the lies that atheists tell. For example this dildo on CARM trying to immune my 200 studies because some of them use surveys. But other times he's argued that Zuckerman is right, and yet Zuckerman uses surveys! So survey are good when they support me and the are bad when they don't,. that's all they are saying.

Then they turn around and tell me that I've proved that they are right because I'm upset the way they lie. So if you get upset that makes you wrong, no matter how outrageously you are being treated.

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