Friday, June 4, 2010

One more time Rex, guilt by assocition is a fallacy

Guilt by association: X is evil, P hands out with X, therefore P is evil too. This is a fallacy. For example some guy is seen with man who convicted of armed robbery. Guilt by association would say that the man in question is also some kind of criminal. We investigate and find the he is the parole officer of the criminal. See how guilt by associton is all a big illogical mistake?

Rex sends a comment, when I am not posting becasue I've already told him I don't post abusive comments. He's all hyper becuase I didn't read the report fully about the church and the rape case. Yes, the whole chruch didn't rape the girl obviously hyperbolic, what they did was equally stupid, blaming the girl. But while this is a very angering incident it proves nothing about the nature of Christianity.

Rex is ready to shoot all Christians based upon that example. All Christians are evil rapist because one chruch got it wrong. I can show 100 million people murdered by atheists but doesn't not even important. He will say "they were commies, I"m not a commie." If I say that chruch was Baptist and I'm Methodist he would say "that's the no true Scotsman thing." It is just not logically valid to conclude that Christianity is evil no matter how many little horror stories you have. Why can't you just learn some logic? It's not hard. Guilty by association is wrong. The guilt of one group in one local does not make all others connected to it "evil."

It's stupid, stupid stupid.

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