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Continued from last post: The Rants of "Paradoxical"

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meta, Christianity has recently come out with the minority pity card, and want to use it just like racial minorities use the race card. Your group is only a minority in the world, but is a majority in the U.S.
 spoken like a true ideologue. you want to put a spin on human decency such that your hate, lies, slander, and garbage are permissible based upon what you imagine your opponents have done wrong. About the 100 million you murdered? why don't they get little ideologues mourning them?

Thus, your group still gets to espouse their nonsense by virtue only of the fact that Christians are a majority in the U.S. 

are you not espousing the satan poison you bleieve in in? who is stopping you? You really think your slander is synonymous with your beliefs? so you can't spout your beliefs without your hate right? That means your beliefs are hate doesn't it?

And you know what, Metacrock, i get tired and bored of that word apologists use....strawman.
Meta: that would be because you hear it a lot right? And you hear it a lot because your arguments are straw men. you have as much respect for logic as you do for people who disagree with you. you don't have any logic to your views they are running logic fumes and hate.

It's a debate topic that people like you use skillfully and I've seen many other debaters no ot challenge this word. Ever hear of an analogy, Metacrock? One such as "Believing in Christianity is like believing in Santa" being one easily understood. 

You want it easy don't you? You don't want to have to work against other views. you just eliminate them by hating them and ridiculing those who believe them. You can't defend your position with logic so you turn and ridicule the notion of logical phrases and logical arguments. Isn't that rather crude and cave man like to lash iout in hate against logic itself because you are not able to use it as well your opponents? To resort to slander and hate for that reason is even more pathetic. tha's as much as admitting your cause is wrong!

I'll use analogies all I want, and i'll listen to the apologists continually saying "straw man, straw man" because they don't want any analogies that compare beliefs in talking snakes, a woman being turned into salt, humans being swallowed by big fish, an ark that can fit every animal on earth, etc. etc./ Christians simply don't want their faith compared with analogies because it sheds a spotlight on how childish and silly their beliefs are. 

analogies are not proof. bad analogies are not even eloquence. mocking and ridicule the beliefs of others is not a valid form of argument it's nothing more than a bardic admission that one cannot defend one's views.

Don't worry, though, Meta, your beliefs are routinely protected on this board and many others like it. Matt Slick has allowed atheists to post in these corners and in doing so, has sheletered Christians from non believers views. I have no criticism of this because he owns this site. I am merely stating a fact.
I can just almost hear the longing to wear a brown shirt and beat the crap out of anyone using logic right? do you ever try goose stepping when alone in secret?

But, why is it you don't like and can't handle your beliefs being ridiculed and scrutinized,
Because hatred is unfair. Ridicule is nto a valid argument it's sign of cowardice. It shows that you are not willing to defend your beliefs in the open market and take your risk of losing the argument because you know your beliefs are silly and they cant' stand up. If you know that the other side is better educated and knows logic better perhaps that's a sigh you should study more and re-think your position rather than getting angry like a neanderthal and wanting to beat up the mean old logic users.

thugism and bullyism are evil and sick. mocking and ridiculing are the weapons of bullies not of honest men who stand up for their beliefs. Its' a coward's weapon.

just as you do to the atheists? You are even MORE bigoted against atheists than the other way around. You have a deep, deep hatred for them. They can't harm you, Meta. Nor can they harm a fellow believer. If you really DO have the truth why worry? It's because you DON'T that you worry.
You mistake self defense for hatred. you are just the brown shirts who could not tolerate Jews fighting back. anytime a Jew tried to fight back they accused the Jews of using violence. Never what they did the Jew's home and failing just the fact that he fought back made him evil. that's the mark of a cowards and the tool of atheists.
Meta: I doesn't hate the misguided saps who are atheists. I hate the static evil that is atheism.

when you admit that your case needs the use of ridicule you admit that it cant' stand on it's own merits.

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meta, I haven't gotten down the quote enclosing thing yet, but I don't believe every single one of your comments deserve a response, anyway. you and others like you want to equate Christianity with "god", and want the othe side to accept those words interchangeably. About the only thing that I would agree with is that Christians believe in a god.

You obviously don't know anything about my views and you are so into stereotypes and bad analogies and hate that you don't bother to find out what I believe. It's well know among long time posters on CARM that I always argue for the idea that God is working in all cultures and that all faiths re metaphors for a reality, the same reality behind them all.

Your arguments, and other arguments I've seen here attempt to put the other side on the defensive by making claims that, since a person can't prove how everything got here, and can't disprove "god", that Christianity is therefore true by default. 
you really don't understand logic, becuase that's not what my arguments attempt to do. That's so simplistic my arguments are much more sophisticated than that. (nothing wrong with putting the other side on the defensive logically or rhetorically).

You have a hatred for atheists. When I was believer up to about 21, I did also. I couldn't imagine that there would be non believers, and felt that they were bad people and had it all wrong. Thus, I understand your disdain for non believers. I am NOT an atheist, for whatever its worth to you. Thus, your arguments that attempt to make me disprove god or attempts to use Christianity and god in the same vein don't work with me. 

I was an atheist. I know you want to believe that I'm some leve it beaver guy who is shocked by atheism. you want to believe you are shocking. you are not shocking, ok. I know people who would eat your for breakfast, literally. you are not scholastic you are not cool and you are not amazingly different or anything. I was an atheist I'm not shocked by the idea of being one.

totally obvious that guy hates theists.

I know you hate analogies, and like all good apologists want to stop the use of them, but here I go again, and in question form. Why is a belief in Islam any more ludicrous than a belief in Christianity?
when did I say it was? you want to arguer from analogy because you don't nkow logic. go take a logic class. logic is sset of ruels i't a language you can learn it. arguement from analogy is a fallacy, it's a logical no no.
Meta: your assertions about my beliefs only put you in a bad light, because you are not wily enough to find ou what your oppoent believers, you want to feel that you are always smarter than any opponent you face so you underrate them. That's always a mistake.(becasue I say analogies re not proof he says I hate them--he doesn't how to use them properly).

They both believe in god? They both claim to be backed up by historical records. They both contend prophets connected directly to god, among just a few similarities. Why is Heavens Gate any less believable? Mormonism? 

so what? The same reality exists behind all religions so why is it so difficult for me to accept Islam in the same boat? (his argument is guilt by association)

The upshot, Meta, is that all you have is a BELIEF. That's IT! YOur relgion is no better than any other. 

For me it is, because I believe the others. But it's not and doesn't have to be. It's clearly more than must a belief because it's a world view, it's a life chaining transformation power. He says all I have is a belief but all he's demonstrated is hatred for people on the other side, which he mistakes for proof of the problem with their beliefs.

They believe just as you do. A belief is NOT a fact, Meta. 

the way it effects your life is a fact. The world it puts you in is a fact. hatred for your opponents is not proof of your position.

It is only a belief, that Christians and Muslims try to force on other people with their threats of eternal retribution.
No it's a world. try reading some Heidegger before get off the planet. It's a life world. A belief is a life-world.

I thought you didn't believe in hell, Meta, and ridiculed me for saying christians believe people will fry. Your last post mentions satan as if he is a real entity. And you don't consider a belief in this sort of entity silly? And you call non believers illogical? Any PROOF of a devil, Meta, save for the one that exists in mind only? 

Satan, he's my neighbor. He moved back here and took up residence near my house after finishing his term as 43 President of the U.S.

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