Friday, June 4, 2010

Snapshot of the hate group in action: Irnony metetr runnnig

Photobucket Atheists at work

Stupid atheist know nothings read dull witted ones have been reading the blog. These are like real stupid dirt stupid people. These are like the kind of people who go family reunions to find dates. Look at how idiotic they are:

A PhD in the "History of Ideas"?
No offense, but if this level of writing is what we can expect from a PhD from the U of Dallas, then I'm damn glad I didn't attend that institution.
Rife with logical, grammatical, stylistic and spelling errors, your screed carries little weight other than as an elucidatory warning about the declining quality of our school system.

Their big point is that the level of writing on this blog is not very advanced. Look what I"m dealing with? No intellectually challenge from atheists around here. They don't see the ones where I talk about ideas such as the one on contradiction in the heart of Atheism. But that's not really point of this blog, which of course escapes them because they are mother fucking idiots. These people are ally stupid as shit. they are shit. Look at that words "educidatory" the spell check doesn't like that one. It happens a lot that morons are going to set me stragiht on spelling and they they can't spell either.

When he says "grammar" does he know what grammar is or is including spelling and punctuation. Is this guy's writing style anything to write your professor about? "I'm dman glad I didn't be like him" he's so clever. what a profound thing to say.

This one is really a kick:

I kinda feel bad for this guy. He's obviously some sort of paranoid delusional nut. He seems to believe that there's some massive atheistic cult coming after him. He should be in an institution and taking medications.
Look at the context. He says this as part of a 50 man psychological gang band with all of them teaming up to pronounce my writing and my spelling (which by the way means they have not better to say they can't comment on the subject matter because its way over their heads) and to say little personal insult things me as a person instead of ht ideas I discuss. Of course that's exactly what I'm talking about. Ironically little dildo atheist dumbshit says "he thinks atheists are after him" as part fo the bit 50 smear job, thus proving that an atheist cult of hatred is literally doing a hatchet job on me  as I write this. The dumb idiot has the gull laugh at that idea as though it's so stupid, while he lives it!

What extremely stupid people. They carry all down the page. Laughing me becuase I bleieve big forces are arrayed agaisnt me, while the big forces are laughing at the idea that arrayed agaisnt me. Of course it' snot a Thrush type conspiracy like the man, of cousre I've never said that, but these flukes form the reform school, corn holing transvestites have about as much knowledge of what academic writing and thinking looks like as they do the dark side of the moon.

Here's what we see happening here. gutter scum who are the foot soldiers of the real core hate group, the brown shirts of the net are doing what brown shirts do, they are conducting the violent assault of political opponents thus creating a climate of fear and apprehension so that opposition will be silenced. It's worked beautifully that's why Christians don't put up scient6ific articles anymore, all the scientific article on Google are from atheist web sites, why Christians don't organize to assulat message boards with organized efforts in debate anymore, becuase it's pointless. If every time you try to make a point an army attacks you and 50 people inslut you personally then of course you are not going to speak out very often. These guys cruse the net looking for victims, that is Christian who speak plainly against atheism and they hound them until the get off the net and don't try it anymore. Mob rule, if you speak against we will hound you until you shut up.

Of course it's not a big elaborate conspiracy the dumb shits who do this are not smart enough to run a conspiracy, it's tailor made for the kind of trolls who become atheists, those who hate real thinking anyway and never try it. They cruse the net looking for discussions to discussions to disrupt anyway. They have absolutely noting of any intellectual value to say anyway.

The real motivating factor for them is their fix of positive self image based upon mocking and ridiculing. This time they get to mock and ridicule someone with a Ph.D. (or almost).  That makes it extra special for them. These kind of bully/cowards could not win a real academic debate against a college freshman, they could not succeed in any group activity that requires thinking and learning but this way they get to mock and ridicule someone with a degree.

Of course this blog is not peer  reviewed its' not worth the effort that Put out to make a real publication. But they don't know that, they are not capable of knowing real writing is.

Yeah... at first I thought he was just dyslexic. I mean, what's with the word "Arguemnts" in a big, bold title? But the more I read, the more I recognized the symptoms. The voices in his head will go away if he just gets back on the meds.
Brilliant. he's stupid to figure out that it's still ad hom and that's still a no-no and shows how dumb he is because he doesn't even try to attack ideas. That's sort of thinking invovles being a decent person so it's quiets lost on these cornholers. But just look at the stupidity involved here. The mistake of putting an "e" in argument is a symptom of dyslexia. But dosie pron is such a fool he can't figure it out because he doesn't know shit from shinola about dyslexia.

I'm dyslexic, and I can still figure out my spell checker. This is a cognitive problem and no doubt about it. I know that learning disabilitys are classified like medical disorders. The symptoms cluster in predictable ways. Does the science of the brain tell us anything about people like this? I just wonder how someone with this overinflated view of himself can get along in the real world.

Guess what little chicken pie, you better go back to the spell check again stupid! this time put it on the word "disabilittys."

As long as these little thug brown shirts are prowling the net looking ways to bolster their flukie self esteem the atheist hate group will be alive and well. As as long as the atheist hate group is going I will chronically its' infamy. Eventually enough atheists will be shamed by their stupidity they will policing their own ranks.

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