Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Instructive Look at Atheist Indoctrination

Atheists don't take their people in the back room and shine lights in their faces. Their "brain washing" (let's don't forget that brain washing is merely socialization) is much more subtle. It's done mainly on message boards and in meet ups. It's not coercive but is found in the guise of expression of anger and frustration at religion. Heres' a thread on CARM that is instructive in that it shows the indoctrination process in action. What we see first is a bunch of statements about the controlling nature of priesthood and organized religion. After its' established that all are on the same page then teaching begings dealing with subsets of those issues.

Timmy: "Why do you suppose the way to salvation is so narrow and hard to find? Did Got want to avoid over-crowding in heaven, maybe?" 

There's an invitation to express atheistic opinions.


I think this was by design of the men who crafted the mythology. "Narrow is the way" keeps believers wondering if they're thinking/behaving properly, which ultimately helps to keep the unwashed masses in check.
Of course it has to be some covert motive designed to control. The obvious reason is becuase they have a them and us mentality. Their group is small so instead of saying "we are wrong because we are unpopular' they say "we are the elite." But of course the atheists have to make it as belligerent as possible. It has to be sinister motive.

Maybrick: Comes along and confirms that he's in the know. He's in on the doctrine.

And by extension keeps the preistly classes in power.They know the way to save your soul, you just have to listen to them. Trust them.Pay them.

He confirms the finding, the priesthood is bad, ti's at fault.

Originally Posted by zaffer View Post
Why do you suppose the broad path to destruction is so broad and so easy to find? Did God want to avoid filling Heaven with rebellious sinners who cannot know his truth and obey his commands?
Isaiah 35:8
I don't know Zaffer's orientation to God belief. he could be a Christian or an atheist..
"And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it"
Perhaps this applies to some who won't make it, but there will also be those who strive to find it, but are not able to. And there will even be believers who Jesus will reject -- even some who drove out demons in the name of Jesus, and did many wonders. They'll be surprised to find that they didn't get it quite right.

I'm amazed that more Christians aren't shaking in their boots, wondering if they will be rewarded or punished forever. There's no way to be sure you got it right: understood the instructions properly (from among the many interpretations that are in use by the hundreds of denominations today), and followed them adequately.

They are confirming for each other (minus a couple of posts by others mixed in) the basic valid ant-clerical way to interpret the issue. This is a form of saying "I am in the group."

Darth Pringle

Who designed the path?
Now we reinforcing the doctrine.

Aussie Dave:

I ask this question a lot and never get a satisfactory reply - christians tend to gloss over this example of contradiction of god's grace and forgiveness vs god's severe justice.
The point is the indoctrination session. I would answer this by saying the point of the narrowness is something God did to control people or keep them out. The Bible says he is not willing that any should perish. It's Narrow because people want their on way. People don't want straight and narrow they want to do their own thing. The atheists re seeking to rationalize their rejection both of God and by God.

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