Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aer you Still Beating Your Wife?

Trolala asks "What bad things did god do to you? All of them? Just certain ones? How do you know which is which??"

Her original post:

 Just curious. Have you been punished, or perhaps caught in the crossfire of gods actions that harmed you or your loved ones.

Any diseases, deaths, failures, disappointments that you know happened because of god?
Or is another god-like creature involved - for example satan?

I'm trying to understand how you rationalize god in your life. I know he gets credit for any good things, coincidences, or positive unexplained things but what about the bad stuff?
 My original answer:

I don't rationalize anything. I learned early on that god is real and there's no point in ignoring. Ignoring the reality of God when you know he's real is just stupid.

when I sin it's just my little pride that wont let me repent. I have to realize god is not wrong and I'm going to beat him and not going to shame him and my anger can't impress him. He's heard it all before. there's no point in preserving pride when you know you are wrong.

She says "Are you going to answer the question or just blab?."

What kind of answer do you expect? I answer it in a way that is calculated to force one to think or else just go "Hu?" She chose the latter.

She says I'm using emotional rhetoric but this loaded question is obviously designed to formant resentment of God.

Apparently she things believers are stupid we are going to go "Mom dide, did God take Mom away? O that evil bully God why did he take mom away, o no! bohoo boohoo!" I hate big mean evil God for taking Mom away! woooooooo.
she was only 95. She only got to swim back from Cuba five times in her life. She only got to go around the world 10 times.

What do you really expect? Do really expect me to ignore my past and pretend like it didn't happen, to ignore all the great stuff God has done in my life and just start hating God because i suddenly stupidly decide all the bad things are God doing stuff to me?

If I know God is real. really know it. and I know God is the essence of the Good and source of all love and all goodness and all niceness and everything nicety boo, why in the hell should I suddenly turn against God just because bad stuff happens?

He told us, he said "in the world you shall tribulation but I have overcome the world." Derick wants us to think of this as rationalizing? rationalizing what?

If God allows me to stub my toe and suffer and I say 'o that's ok I know God really loves me anyway" I'm just rationalizing?  But he can hold out for whatever silly reason made him turn against the source of all Good he's not rationalizing his pride he's got it on straight?

I think that's silly. That's game playing and BS.


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