Tuesday, October 18, 2011

problem: Hermit is flaming, the site is not posting comments

I've lost a bunch of comments because they thing doesn't work right.

One of the main one's I want to talk about is where Hermit quotes Jeff Sparrow saying "I didn't day that New atheism is facist."

here's what he said:
Where have All the Progressive Atheists gone?
New Matilda.com

Melbourne is bracing for an influx of atheists next year - and that means oh so many right wing war-mongerers. It's getting hard to tell a New Atheist from a neo-fascist...
so he says it's hard to tell them apart from fascists. So Hermit can wipe the sweat from his brow feel good that he's not in a group that's labeled as fascist by a left wing journalist, he can ignore the fact that the journalist is obviously saying that New Atheism is stupid, totalitarian, narrow minded, has fascist-like tendencies. all of that is problem lost on Hermit, as long as his liberal conscience can do the typical atheist obfuscation of facts he doesn't have to feel tainted.

It is odd to me that it doesn't bother him that his group is clearly close to being like Facists but as long ass they are not called Fascist then that's ok.

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