Saturday, October 1, 2011

apology to the reader.

Albert Schweitzer, my hero and message board

Ok so this guy Blondie lied or he's stupid ot whatever. who the hell cares. this is just not worth wasting my time and yours over.

It's my fault. I'm NOT declining the bearing of the blame but it is the case that when you get down in the mud and fight on their level you become petty like they are. That's what I'm doing. I apologize to the readers of this blog, from now on I will try to keep it on the high level of the self esteem articles instead of the petty personal vengeful level.

Tip of the hate to Hermit. I had discovered that it was there before you did. I even said so at the bottom of the page but you probably didn't read that becuase you had already read it and had no reason to think I altered it.

I am not going mount a defense. I will just say his link opened to page 4 adn the article was p119. that's what made me think he go the wrong article. he didn't give a page number, he didn't say "the link opens on the wrong article" or anything. I just assumed since he is generally rather stupid that he's being stupid again.

But then I became stupid myself because I got petty and personal. I disocvered the real quote by putting the first 2 lines in Google.

so from now on no more "look at this stupid guy isn' t he a jerk?" what a waste of time!


Anonymous said...

"Ok so this guy Blondie lied or he's stupid..."

Yeah, that's a hell of an apology....

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

typical little atheiset. that guy wrong me dummie! do you not get that? he's arrogantly boasted and called me stupid and I'm bad at the very thing I've dedicated my life to. he's proved that he doesn't know shit about it. He showed that doesn't even get what the books he's reading are about. don't you see I"m the one who has been wronged?

you owe me, he owes me.