Sunday, October 2, 2011

Atheist Propaganda


We can decipher the confusion in the way atheists think by remember the theory put forth on this blog: Atheists have low self esteem. They hate themselves and thus they hate God (he made them). they can't admit they hate God so they vent their rage agianst Christians.

One of the more confussing tendiences they have is that whatever you say about them they say about you. In fact turn the fact that you said it into proof of what you are like. For example for a long time after I started athist watch they began saying that because I'm pointing out their hate that means I'm full of hate. We see this again in a recent interview with Blair Scott, an atheist activist who did an interview on Fox News. Scott is related to the guys who are suing to take down the cross at ground zero, 9/11. This is illustrated on a blog called "Atheist:"

Christians Threaten to Kill Atheists

After this interview the Fox News Facebook page became an explosion of hate. Blair Scott posted a bunch of screenshots taken from the comments consisting of death threats against him and all atheists.

Comments that are made on the heels of Bill O’Reilly saying “No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder,” calling the label “dishonest and insane.” Apparently they wouldn’t commit murder, but it looks like Christian fans of Fox News wouldn’t mind fantasizing about it . . . at least I hope that is all they are doing.

what a strange thing to say. Why does it mean they will fantasize about murdering atheists just becuase they say that the label of "mass murder" for Christian is insane? that makes it sound like if object to being called a mass murder than you are one. By that logic the atheists are mass murderers. The logic is shaky, he's saying the people issuing the death threats are Christians, Bill O'Reilly (not my pick for the spokesman for Christianity) objects and they is said to be fantasizing about it? The people making the threats are flakes, but what makes them Christians? Just because they are angry?

then the comments. the blog chooses the most inflammatory and stupid statements to reflect. If we go to an atheist message board you can see them say the same kinds of things about Christians. he shows some people,presumably Christians, saying such about atheist. Obvioulsy the person doing the blog is trying to inflame passions.

I hope that is all they are doing.

Those are all Stupid comments but that's just anecdotal as far as being evidence of Christian view points. When I do that from atheist message boards, and I can math he hatred of these comments from atheist boards, then I'm called names and said to be full of hate.

What purpose does this serve for the writer of the blog to makes the comments known? It's good propaganda. It's something to put up and say "see Christians are bad." When I do that with atheist I'm just being unfair. But when he does it that's good insight.

It gives atheists the excuse to hate more.


Anonymous said...

"When I do that with atheist I'm just being unfair. But when he does it that's good insight."

You have dozens of atheists leaving messages saying they want to kill you on your facebook page? Really?

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Not every day, but has happened. when the jackasses on "read it" did their hatchet jobs on the blog, more than once, several hundred atheists who have never raid anything I said said "he's a real idiot, he's so stupid just like a Christian." Many of them said violent sounding threatening things. I have gotten death threats and people saying thing that imply violence.

Anonymous said...

And to the extent that this actually happens you have every right to complain about it. As does the person in this case, who pretty clearly is getting a lot of very nasty stuff thrown his way.

My problem with this, and the reason I sometimes accuse you of being unfair, is that I've seen you more than once go off on a rant about atheists wanting to kill Christians and put them in camps when no one in the conversation in question has said anything of the here for instance..."I think if most of these atheists on message boards had their way all Christians would rounded up and killed."

Here we have you proclaiming that "most atheists" want to kill Christians in response to a thoughtful, well reasoned, non-threatening post about conspiracy theories in fundamentalist circles.

Now compare that to the post you're complaining about, which is in response to a host of very ugly, explicit actual threats of violence.

See the difference?

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I was surprised, I don't know why, that those guys didn't understand that comment. I am sort of surprised that you don't, but I shouldn't be you probalby do understand.

you know me well enough to know when I'm speaking lounge in cheek, but it's not in your propaganda interest to say so.

In this case it serves your propaganda interest to take me literally.

Sam said...

You Christians are a bunch of funny people.. Your holy book promotes hatred, bigotry, murder, rape, incest and other horrific things. Yet you call it a book of love.. What a croc. God is man made. God is a myth. Just like Zeus or Mythras. I'm an Atheist, yet I never go around saying I would love to kill someone or see someone dead because of their beliefs or lack of. Some of you radical extremist christians do act just like the radical muslims. Only when Religion is removed from this planet, with all its lies and deceit, will we truly have PEACE ON EARTH. God is a fallacy created by man. There is no god, now get over it and enjoy your life.. One more thing, those who don't believe in evolution usually look like they haven't evolved.. =0)

Sam said...

LOL.. I'll bet anything my comment will not get approved by owner due to what usually happens when the christians and the bibles nonsense is exposed. Enjoy your day. And enjoy THIS life.. It's the only one you will get.. None before and definitely NONE AFTER!!..

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I see you carve attention because you use the little ploy "I'm gonna make you so mad that you will publish this."

I'm not made. I'm not discourage, I don't' reel you have disproved my brief all you prove is that you are an idiot I'm going to tell you why. Watch the main blog page because I'm going to make a major article out of it.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

"If we go to an atheist message board you can see them say the same kinds of things about Christians."

Exactly, trolls will be trolls, haters will be haters, regardless of ideology.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

duh that's my point. the hate group is a hate group they have ruined all the message boards.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Except the hate was there before. I've seen nearly identical vitriol on every board I've ever been involved with, regardless of topic.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

the hate is a snow ball that is rolling along gaining momentum and it was started by the athirst. Before 2004 it was still very poossilbe ot have a good discussion on almost any board almost anyone. Now it's virtually impossible becuase the atheists started their little aggressive brow beating of all religious people.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Atheists have become much more vocal, yes. You claim they started the hatred, but I would wager that we'd hardly ever even notice atheists if it wasn't for hatriotic, jingoistic, "Christians", please note the quotes, as I no more feel they embody Christ's message than you do. I'd lay much of the blame for the anger and, sometimes hatred of atheists and Christians at the feet of The Moral Majority, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, etc. The atheist movement resists many of the things that liberal Christians resist, some atheists even work with liberal Christians for common causes.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

they have become more vocal! that's all it is they are just more vocal. If that's all it was that would be ok. They lying sniveling pieces of shit.

you dismiss the one's on carm as "they are just the rotten apples no a bad message board." most of them are like that. I can name a dozen atheist boards that far worse than carm.

they wont argue, they go by a template of ideas if anyone off template is denounced as a "nut case." They wont discuss. if you use log to defend god they say lgoic is not good. they read two lines of a post and then say bunch of standard crap not knowing most of it is preempted in the post becuase they don't' read the posts.

they have totally closed down any form of dialuge. I've doing this since 1998 I can tell you before 2004 it was a totally different thing. That's because in 2004 all the big Dawkins and Dennett and Harris books stcoming out.

far more than being vocal. they mock and ridicule anyone who is not socialized into their ideology and they use that took as a means of forcing people into it. In the pages atheistwatch I've shown time and time again how they used mocking ridicule and criticism as mind control techniques.

far far beyond being vocal. Daily they commit crimes against reason and now they are starting to work up passions toward real crimes of hate.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

they say "the other side stupid so we don't have to learn about what they say, but we know they are stupid because they believe stuff what we don't like. But don't read their answers now.

far far far beyond any kind of "more vocal." they were more vocal in 1998 when you could still have a good discussion.

the main thing is the got asses kicked so many times by William Lane Craig who always wins. ike 90% of his debates he wins, they just take it anymore that they have totally closed down dialogue on message boards.

they totally closed it down. they did it. they closed it.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

"they are just the rotten apples no a bad message board."

Show me where I said anything like that, I never said it was a good board. Perhaps it once was. Message boards tend to attract people that like to argue, trying to seek truth, or trolls.

I'm sure discussion boards are full of haters, they should not be tolerated. This is why I don't waste my time with them.

You are a glutton for punishment, but we've had this argument over and over.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you kinda of not getting it Mike. I'm saying you are dismissing the problem as just a message board thing. that's you said several times in other words.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I'm not saying it's just a message board thing, atheists can be disrespectful and rude all over the place, but it's more pronounced on message boards and the internet in general. People are always bolder when there are little to no repercussions.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that's because if you act that way in person you get hit in the face.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Exactly, that's why I hate cowardly trolls, regardless of ideology. I think they'd think twice about talking trash to either of our faces. ;-)