Sunday, October 23, 2011

Atheists Think Ignorance is a Badge of Honor


What if I came up to you and said "everything you say it stupid." you said "such as" I said "I don't know, I don't' bother to listen to what you say because I know it's going to be stupid."

that's real impressive hu?

candidates are gathered to debate for the Presidency. One gets up and makes a fine speech about the state of the country the other sticks his fingers in his ears and goes "lalalalaalalal" real loud while his opponent is talking.

When he get's up and says "I didn't prepare becuase I know my opponent is stupid I don't have to listen to him. I didn't listen to him and I never have. I don't know anything he says and I will not debase myself by listening to him. I know everything he says is stupid. vote for me."

would you be impressed with that candidate? the press asks him "if you don't know anything he say how do you know it's stupid?" he says It's the kind of thing that would be stupid. you gonna vote for this guy?

this is the little gimmick that atheists are using on ever single message board. They get it from their moronic guru Dawkins who himself is an idiot.

They don't bother with logic, they violate logical norms in every argument they make then worm out by saying "logic doesn't tell us nothing about the world." It's beginning to look like the new atheist movement is based upon being stupid.

One of the worst, this atheist once asked me to tell him about my concept of God. "what god do you worship" he says. So put up a link, "these are my pages on my site where I describe my views." he said "I don't have to read that I know it will be stupid."

he asked man! he has me! the link is just a better way of answering. so he didn't' want an answer to begin with did he? they do this all the time. It's dumb.

by their fruits you shall know them. Jesus said. Their fruits are ignorance and laziness.

Then that atheist goes "I read your stuff it's so standard it's the same old stuff they always say." It's not. I have a Masters degree from a major seminary I know what is standard. How many times do you find the average Christian apologist on a message board saying God is being itself? In 13 years of doing apologetic on the net the only one's ever seen talk about it are those who were influenced by me.

the allegation that my stuff is like all the others is obvious bunk. The refusal of atheists to read the martial presented is becoming epidemic. They don't even read more than two lines of a post. They wont read the arguments being arrayed against them and yet they pretend to know all it. It's ridiculously intolerable. They should be banned from every message board. I urge Christians to boycott. Have nothing to do with atheists. Don't talk to them on message boards.

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