Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Atheist Brown Shirts on the Move

You want proof atheism is a hate group. Just look at the thing athiests say. Yesterday My blog was attacked by a little know nothing who has read some or read about A.J. Ayer so thinks he knows everything. I argued with his ideas, but in return I got over four thsounand (4000+) hits on the blog because on a site called "Reddit.com" that guy and his little band of brown shirts were having a feeding frenzy mocking, ridiculing and deriding my ideaa, ideas they are so ingnorant have they have never heard of Thoams S. Kuhn and they are shocked and mortified by someone actually having the gual to express the idea that science doesn't us everything! O this hersy against their little tin god can't go unanswered.

they did plenty of mocking and calling me an idiot making fun of my spelling and so on. When I actually put up some ideas and said "put up your dukes" they ran away. But now my website cant' be opened. coincidence?

Let's look that activities of this little band brown shirts and see what a hate group does when they bad together to mock the target. Remember stage four in that FBI list? That's stage four, the hate groups bands together to mock the target.

The main instigator calls himself "Rana." here's his profile:

Matt Pearl is an Economics Graduate Student with an emphasis in Public Policy at Georgia State University, and he recently graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Political Science and Economics.

He's had some education. One would expect him to want rational discussion. He hasn't the slightest interest in discussion. What he really wants to do is spout a bunch of pseudo intellectual garbage and hound Christians on the internet.

Here is an example of the kind of delusions of grandeur from which he suffers.

Today, I think that I did one of the most helpful things I have ever done with respect to greater acceptance of atheists in broader society, and it happened on a conservative, Republican blog. I won’t link or mention the particular blog (I don’t really want to give them the traffic), but this moment was a long time in the making to be sure.A bit of context: this blog’s comment threads are a battle ground, where liberal trolls (I guess I have been lumped with them), usually of a secular nature, combat right-wing, Christian commentators and the writers of the blog themselves. One of the conservative, particularly Evangelical was a 31 year old writing under the handle “jeremy”. He had a penchant for angry posts full of bible verses and vitriol against liberals, secularists, and other banes of his great Christian Nation.

He's so important, and his work of mocking people is so important. The whole fate western civilization is resting upon how snide he can be.

So… Why do people hate atheists so much? I legitimately want to know why, so if you dislike atheists, as a group, for any reason, leave a comment telling me why. Speculation is also welcome by people who don’t hate atheists. I will then, in a follow-up post, answer most, if not all, of the reasons given. A word of caution: Ridiculous, illogical, or inane reasons will serve as comic relief for the next post.

This isn’t about insulting people, however, it is about starting a dialogue between believers and nonbelievers. It’s about dispelling myths that theists have about atheists, and it’s about gaining more universal acceptance for atheists.

To dispel the myth that atheists are a hate group he made a cowardly attack upon my work without telling them about it and then ran away when I countered his argument with real ideas.

Most of those thousands of atheists looked at the one post that was mocked. I put a link on it to the answers, no one looked at it. They are not interested in answers, they are only interested in their little trollish nazi aswipism.

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