Friday, May 22, 2009

What Do Atheists Think?

This guy on CARM who s defending the argument about complexity. The argument says we know that complexity is not the result of God, so we know that things can be produced which are not produced by God. I said how can we know that complexity is not the result of God? If you knew that you would have to know there is no God becasue theists beileve that all things are the result of God. If you already knew that you wouldn't need an argument. In other words you are begging the question.

This guy says:

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that just makes it an assumption. the onlky way youk can know it is if you know complexity is not produced by God.


My god; it's profound. I gave you seven commodities that weren't created by god and are complex. In fact, I know they weren't created by god because I can watch them being created by machines operated by tired factory workers and other machines.

He labels his own stupidity "profound." Why does he think he knows it's not made by God? Because he doesn't see God there fashioning things which we can observe being formed. Now why is stupid? Because no theists thinks that God is actually right there hovering around an ant hill helping the ant make their home, or formulating the cells of trees or soemthing. It's all the result of processes that God put in to operation long ago through some master plan. How totally idiotic!

If God is involved directly it would be at some level we can't observe like the strong force or something. I can't believe how idiotic that is. I just don't want to beileve that most atheists see things that way.

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