Monday, May 18, 2009

Still a Lot of Stupid Atheists Out There

I wound up posting on CARM again, I wont go inot the details. The moron I encoutnered last summer caled "Sofa King" is still stupid after all these months. here's waht he ays:

Here we have a case of complete lack of immunity to the mind virus otherwise known as liberal Christianity... you know... the made up version of the completely made up religion.

This is a relatively new strain that survives because it adapts effortlessly to the whims of the host. If the host isn't comfortable with a literal reading of some story in the Bible, this particular stain allows the host to pick and chose what he wants to take literally. In this way this new strain is more adaptable to the host than the more primitive strains, and thus less likely to be rejected. But, lurking underneath, is still the same old bronze-age myths.

So the view he doesn't like is a virus, it's a sickness. How amazingly surprising that he would try to destroy the enemy idea by reducing it to to the level of a germ. The problem is with all the studies that show the value of religious experince then it seems obvious that atheism msut be the germ. In any case how does one go about setting a stand by which to decide which is the virus and which is the anti-body?

Virus from an anti-body? How do we know the Swine flew isn't good for us and that the bugs that fight the swine flew aren't what make us sick?

You might say our anti-bodies are part of us so they are in sink with our normal sense of wellness. The flu is debilitating so it represents some sort of degradation form our normal state.

So let's see,w hat is good for us is probably nature and part of the design that nature intended, so to speak, and what makes us sick is bad for us.

how do we establish a base line to compare and determine which is which?

Sofa King says religion is a virus. But science proves that there is a structure in the brain that gives us the idea of God, it's part of who we are. Religious experinces have been demonstrated over and over again to be really good for us.

since RE makes one less depressed, and helps us get over depression is used in healing mental illness, but atheism leads to more depression (proven in studies) and does not produce the long term positive effects that RE does, which would be the natural way and which the disease?

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