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Atheism and Animal Farm


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And exactly what do you have to indicate any of what you think is true? Something besides some philosopher with "feelings" pontificating?
They are in such a habit of making stuff up from their arm chair about the universe that they no longer even question whether or not there is actual evidence to support it.

It must really make then think science is so silly spending all those resources and all that time actually looking for supporting evidence BEFORE they propose a theory

Atheists used to call themselves "free thinkers." But since the internet they have become increasingly afraid of any kind of thought. They hate logic. of cousre when I say that they go "O I love lgoic sure." But who uses logic? Philosophers use logic. So they say "Philosophers are stupid,they just use logic they don't have any facts." But what happened to loving logic? O they love it until it disproves their crap then it's no good.

several of them have told me that I jut mak up answers. NOw this is insane.

(1) either they mean by that that they think I made up the Platonic notion of esence an the athinasian creed and all that or

(2) they just any time you apply ideas through logic to answer an argument then your nimble wind, your wit, you creativity, and application of logic to some problem is "making stuff up."

either way this does not bode well for atheism. what is atheism but tireld narrow minded incompetent ignorant people who are outraged by things they don't know.

Intelligent peoel love to discuss ideas. what kind of people are afraid of ideas?

to be a theologian you have to know the history of ideas in the west, you have to know the great thinkers you have to understand the conversation of Western thought and letters.

ATheists are outraged by ideas they don't understand or agree with. They are in short, intolerant, narrow minded Is that what free thinker means?

why are you hypocrites so anti-free thought? just like Animal form where word come to meant the opposite of what they did mean.

You can't understand why I say its' an ideology? Brain washed animal farm animals came to thin the opposite of the slogans that started them out. Now we see the same thing in atheism. The so called "free thinkers" have so narrowed the defition of free thoguth that it comes to mean only people who agree with bigotted prejudiced and hatred are free thinkers. People who think and who search for ideas and thruths are just silly stupid unscientific theists who can't "reason." But then when expossed to reason wel if it's not backed by atheistic science (not that science is atheits but you have that association too) unless it's backed by science reason is evil.

It's animal farm all over again, the chickens come home to roust.

here's their brilliant answer that proves they are really free thinkers:

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some people appear afraid of spelling and grammar too.

OOoo wow what a thinker!

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