Friday, June 15, 2012

more stupid atheist tricks

this is really about the stupidest thing I've seen an atheist say. Deist on CARM actually says in responses to the request that give list of my 200 studies on religious experience:

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That link just gives a bunch of names, many of which appear to be involved with lucid dreams and "spirit watching". I thought you had 200 cases in one spot that "proved" people had god experiences?
that list is bunch of names! dumb do do it was a Bibliography. what a fool. does this idiot really expect a Bibliography without names on it? Doesn't know what a Bib is. He said this because they got tired of being embrassed not ot know the theolgoians I talk about so they started saying I'm name dropping.

then notice he also says one study is by someone studies lucid dreaming so therefore they are all bad. The other studies have nothing to do with that one, and there's no reason to think that one is not good just becuase the person who did also studies lucid dreaming.

This is such stupidity it's really the stupidest thing I've ever seen an atheist say.

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