Friday, June 22, 2012

Atheists endanger knowlege

Atheist were bashing Theology again talking how stupid it is. They said theology si not learning. I said it's taught in every major university in the world.

Whilst you can study theology at university, it's hardly of any significance as a learning. There is no factual basis in the study of mythical beings. It's like having a university degree in the study of fairies.

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In other words, having read no theology at all, you just assume that it's about mythological being because you don't believe in God.

Know, I assume that it's about the study of mythological god(s) because I understand Greek and I know how the word theology is derived from the Greek.

even if it was about that people who study real mythology are very learned and their lives are based upon scholarship and learning. so this just shows your view of the world is anti-intellectual yu don't know what you are talking abut.

Mary Jane
How can the study of mythology be learning? You are right here. I don't get it.

for all you know the majority of modern theologians could be saying "we don't believe in God either" You wouldn't know ti because you refuse to learn about it.

Mary Jane
You don't need to study mythology for that. There is no god because rational thinking along with every scientific study leaves no room for a god.

your handlers tell yu to think "this is some backward deal" it makes you feel important and you want to believe them so you don't bother to check it out.

I can thin for myself.

I suggest you don't know what is factually based and what is not.

Mary Jane
I know theology is not factually based.


The hall mark of the atheist ideology is that there only one form of knowledge everything else that doesn't conform to it is old fashion 'Non factional an good.

Because they follow this model the actual pay off of atheism would be to destroy all arts and literature, all philosophy all history all learning that is not science even most social scinece.

Atheists say the most outrageous nonsense about theology without having read any of it. They do this only because the associate theologian with belief in God. (they are so out of the loop modem theology could be atheistic for all they know, and some of it is---they have no idea becuase they are so determiner not to check it out or know anything about it).

Atheist make up trite BS about televangelists by extending what they know of televangelists. assuming theologians are just jumped up televangelists. Since they have the slightest idea it's all the same to them.

If we extend this idea, they want to shut down ideas they don't know becuase of the propaganda value of no opposition then what' going to stop them from shutting down psychology when so much psychological work reinforces the value of religion?

What's going to stop them form shutting down the arts when so much of the arts don't' involve science? What's going to stop them form shutting down literature when study of literature contributes to theologian methods of textual criticism?

any form of knowledge not in their domain they treat as non-knowledge. So there is no reason why they should not shut down art, literature, philosophy, social scineces anything that gives an alternate view point.

one must have an advanced degree to do theology they refuse to learn what it's about but they are content to shut it down never knowing what it says. this in itself is totalitarian and truth regime.

Liberation Sarah
Colleges used to offer degrees in phrenology meta. The fact that people can (and do) waste countless hours of their lives studying a subject and mastering what generations of people have thought up and written about the subject doesn't mean the object of the study actually reflects anything in reality. The study of theology is on par with the study of mythology in my opinion. The gods of today will be categorized on the bookshelves next to Poseidon and Zeus in a few centuries.

One of the indications of a content-free argument is that it can be turned around and pointed the other way very easily. If there is actual unambiguous evidence in the argument, then this cannot be done.
they are just backing up my point. They can't value learning unless it produces scinece they can't imagine mythology being valued as knowledge unless it becomes science. they don't nkow anything gbout the world of letters so they are totally unaware of the tremulous learning that goes into the study of mythology. they can only conceive of learning as scientific knowledge.


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Because you are DOING IT ON PURPOSE!

You are spreading disinformation to make Christians look as Stupid as you appear.

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