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Atheist Brain Washing: The Hard Sell


I've discussed and focused upon atheist brain washing tactics in the past. Here is one of the most blatant examples of attempting it I've ever seen. A new poster on CARM calling himself "Holmes" (so I of course call him "Sherlocke") is the most blatant example. He began very aggressively saying "you know there's no God, yes you do." When you try to answer the comes back "you know you are deceiving yourself, yes you do." then he began that the tact that Chieftains are lying to themselves and others we don't really bleieve in God. He goes to great lengths to cram everything he sees or encounters into this mold.

Sherlocke's brain washing tactics on forcing people to question that they believe in God.

Holmes post 15
You either do or do not believe that god sees all and knows all and reads your every thought. If you believe it, you are "constantly aware of" his presence. This admission of not constantly being aware of god's presence is an admission that you do not believe he is constantly present. Let's say I want to commit adultery but I believe my wife is in the room. Do I see it as an advantage for her to stand behind a screen so I cannot see her? This would only help if I did NOT believe she was still in the room. You Christians do not believe in god, and you know it.

Whatever "awareness" you hae of god is NOT enough to think he is really watching you. You are capable of ignoring this supposed fact you claim to know. This is not possible. You either know he is watching or you do not. Your actions, and now your words prove you do not know this. The only thing you do different from an atheist is that you claim to know.
and this:

post 17: If they are liars, they are liars. I have had people lie to me about having had an experience they did not have. We have to use our common sense in trying to know when people are lying. If someone tells me "I can fly" and I say "OK, jump off a cliff" and they refuse, I know they are lying. If someone says "I believe god will heal our diseases if we ask him" and then they go to the doctor, I know they are lying.

Originally Posted by bierce View Post
Post 17: What makes you think your view of reality is the standard by which we all must judge ourselves and our experiences?

Reality should be our standard. I don't have a view "of" reality, I only view reality. Reality is what is real and it is just as real for you as for me. If god were real you and I and everyone would really believe in him. He is not real and you guys only pretend to believe.

His response to me when I point out that one can't be "on" every minute 24/7. the background here is he argues that since we believe God watches us every minute if we really believed in God we would never do anything wrong. I argue that we can't be focused on that fact all the time, we have to relax. Hyperventilate is exhausting can't be maintained. God doesn't expect that or would go mad.

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You missed the point entirely.

NOooo you have. you don't undersatnd my answer.

You have NOT claimed to believe that Obama is aware of your every thought. However, Christians do claim to believe that god is aware of every thought and deed. If they REALLY believed it they would be constantly aware that he is indeed aware of every thought and deed. They would not sin if they really believed god was watching, just like they would not shoplift if they believed the security guard was watching.

I said we are aware of it intellectually but you have to shut it off every so often and focus on other things, that's human nature and we can't help doing it, we would go mad if we didn't. Like a true ideolgoical you don't listen you don't try to apply it you just look at the template and go "it's not on the template so I can't think about it, so I'll say he missed the point."

I don't have to convince Christians they don't believe. They already know that they don't believe.

"Don't confuse me with the facts. I know I'm right I don't need proof.

I do bleieve. you saying I don't is a lie. you are pretending ot know things about people you can't know. you are refusing to listen to what they say about how the feel. you are trying to brain wash people and bully out of their faith. this is brain washing. this how it works.


This is true of people. it is not true of what Xns claim about god. God can be aware of every thought and deed. He's like SC who "sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake". Kids did were naughty because they did not believe the son. Christians sin because they do not believe in god.

but we can't focus on it every minute. we know about it, but we can't always be cognizant of it. people who live together are not totally rapture about each others love ever second. ever had a relationship? You get to where you are comfortable with the other and you stop being goo goo eyed all the time.

I'm not claiming god does not exist. I'm claiming you do not believe he exists. If you did, you would act differently than you do.


but i do believe he exists. you don't have the right so I don't. you are telling an untruth. you are using bully tactics to brain wash people.

From the silly to ridiculous.

on a thread asking about the truth behind 9/11 I said this:

Meta:I know guys who think the government did it in order to give grounds for starting the war. they have amassed a huge case with gobs of evidence. the reason that strikes me as urban legend is becuase they said the same thing about FDR and Pearl Harbor.
Notice I did not say these guys are Christians and notice I didn't say I agree with them.


Typical of Christian mindset. Firstly, these guy do not have "gobs of evidence." In fact, they have zero evidence. They merely have claims. If they had evidence, they would disclose that evidence and everyone would believe it.
He sees the fallacy of Christians in everything. Even when he doesn't know they are atheist he stills sees the fallacy of Christians in what they say. Even when they don't agree with what he's calling "the typical Christian mind set." He's got it on the brain.

Why do I call it brain washing? It is bullying.It's an insistence that he knows our minds better than we do and it's creating self doubt and conflict and implying that 'You can't trust yourself, you need me to interpret reality for you." He set's up conflict and casts doubt upon one's ability to know one's on mind. Thus he seeks to break down the will and force reliance upon his judgement. He's about as subtle as a sledge hammer. He's like a guy trying to do brain surgery with a plat knife rather than a scalpel.

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