Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain dead hate male from athesit named "Morrison"

A little brain dead "activist" (his bio says) (that means he sends hate male on the net and pretends he's helping), says:

Morrison said...

Your absurd spelling destroys your credibility.

Spell Check would solve it.

And yet you do nothing.


Because you are DOING IT ON PURPOSE!

You are spreading disinformation to make Christians look as Stupid as you appear.

June 23, 2012 9:24 AM

This is guy is saying that I'm trying to make Christians. Does that imply that he's a Christian? So he's saying that to make Christians look bad. OOooooo. this is a clever psych thing. Not it's a troll seeking attention.

I had two errors. No other underlines except names. I use spell check in ever dumb ass because I have fire fox. In this one that he comments on there were two erorrs, both typos. If he is lame enough to think that my credibility is ruined because I said "nokw" rather than Know, and becasue I said 'gbout' rather than "about." those were the only mistakes, that means his idea of credibility is pretty stupid.

so little mentally challenged child to get some attention do you feel imporatnt now?

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