Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Example of the Maturity of the Dawkies (Atheist fundies)


Recently I had a little tiff with an athist on CARM. Back several months ago he got into a tizzy because I pointed out how little he knew about the things he was pontificating upon. He tried to get even with me by finding a page I wrote on another site, takings it out of context and putting it on carm to "show how stupid I am." That's totally against the board rules. So the dumb ass expects me to just offer myself as an exaple of what he thinks si stupid and not do anything about being slandered. What kind f idiot would think that way?Since that time he takes every opportunity to say "you bot me banned." He had nothing to do with it. I just, being the old meanie am emailed Di and said "ban this guy" for no reason. Like he played no role in his choice to slander me. "You got me banned." He has a four year old's understanding of personal responsibility. He pulled this whining ruitine again yesterday and I said pretty much what I just said. By mid day there was a post on my other blog:

The Birmingham Free Press said...

You are a morbidly obese man-boy. And you are genuinely stupid. Why don't you wash your hair?

You are obviously mentally ill. Why do you have to keep bragging about your shitty education from a Christian school? You know that's not normal, right? They obviously didn't teach you how to do research. Did our mother not love you? Why do you have to keep propping yourself up? That is an obvious sign of insecurity.

What you need is to finally know the company of a woman. I'm sure if you find a nice prostitute you can finally lose your virginity. It might clear your skin up. Then maybe you can think about moving out of your parents basement.

I find this displace of childish name calling rather amusing, and I had a good idea of who did it. There was another incident of his making comments on the blog in which he made it clear who he was. I don't know for sure so I wont name the individual but I find it interesting. I went to carm and refered to this guy as "Bringham." then the second comment appeared.

The Birmingham Free Press said...

Ha ha morbidly obese man boy is confused. Your research skills are horrible.

But I already knew that.

Maybe I'm from Satan.

Did you ever think of that?

Better watch you back.

Regardless of who did it, connected to this guy with the childish sense of his own responsibility or not, it's a priceless example of atheist group atheism at work. The big irnoy is it's all in the middle of a flap on CARM where Mat Hunt got wind of my quoting him below so they are trying to argue that because I referred to him as "pretender" then I'm slandering him (saying he doesn't have a degree). I have stated on this blog and on the other blog that I don't doubt his degree.

I do find it telling that the atheists on CARM work up a huge pile of acrimony over my implying that their resident scientist doesn't have a degree, while the past several years (2007 on) they have continually slandered me calling me a liar for saying I went to graduate school. Hunt put up his Masters thesis and said "here it is." He also put up some other document. I don't doubt that he has it, I just doubt that he's conducting himself as a man of letter becasue he wont discuss issues with me.

Yet I have done must as much to prove my doctoral work. I put up the phone number of the department secretary. I implored John Lofuts (punished atheist author) to call her and learn the truth, which he did. I made his email available to them. They will not contact either person to see that I really am a graduate student. they continue their slander and their lies that I'm not.

The old double standard. They do it to you the are perfectly justified and no amount of evidence can disprove their lies. You do it to them you are evil, and the worst scum of the earth and there's no justification for your treachery. In the middle of all of this we have this extremely childish and exaggerated hate mail where this guy is revealing his extreme immaturity. A perfect example of a hate group member in action.

BTW not that give a you know what about thta mental cripple's opinions but my Ph.D. work was in a secular program at a branch of the University of Texas (hook em horns) and SMU, where I got my MASTERS DEGREE, is a fine school.


The Birmingham Free Press said...

Christian school doesn't count.

Those of us that have legitimate graduate degrees never see Christian school folk at seminars and meetings of real intellectuals. Nobody cares for the opinions of people who start with a conclusion and try to rationalize it.

You obviously don't know how to do research.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you were never in graduate school you ignorant little sot.

If you were you are no idiot for noticing those Podunk Christian schools include Harvard and yale. accomplishing Christians in nobel science winners and other prominate physicists. you are stupid to know that.

you are so ignorant you don't even know how to tell if a school is reputable or not. Anyone can look up SMU and see it's good.

I was in theology there whats' more important for that degree is it's place in the theological world. In that sense it's up there close to Harvard. We have world famous theologians there.

you have not the sliest idea what theology is.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I say on carm that I use their hatred examples here and lo, here he is!