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Atheist vengence: once you expose their treachery look out!


The emotionally backward individual who sent the hate mail last time has put up a thing of lies about me on his blog. he sent me hate mail, make absurd ridiculous statements calculated to do nothing more than hurt my feelings (as though i give a damn what this moron thinks). I exposed it showing everyone so the readership can draw conclusions themselves by seeing that can't take the responsibility for his own action,.

This is has so angered him that he put up this long insult thing. This is really stupid. the mina thing is dumb ass hate mail accomplished was to give me some material for the hate group theme on atheism. Now him is so angry like a good little emotionally stunted person that he does it some more only in a more grandiose way, thus demonstrating that he can't tell the difference in calling him on his actions and actually picking a fight with him.

here is a guy who obviously can't reason very well and doesn't understand personal responsibility.

He makes some comments about carm. Here's where he starts talking about me:

One of the most active of these trolls goes by the name of Metacrock. Metacrock is a morbidly obese man-boy who was banned from years ago for his bad behavior. He has found a home at CARM where name-calling and belittling non-believers is encouraged.
He's assuming I look the way I did in the photo which was taken in 1999. I had also lost 50 lbs when it was taken and others have said you can't tell form the photo how fat I look. He's just assuming. He's been reading about me on the net and is using a lot of old bagged to find ways to hurt me. why? because I made evil horrible mistake of getting him banned. that's right I made him get banned by reporting his slandering me.He's the big big man he don't let no body push him around and little things like being wrong aren't gonna stop him.

Debating Christianity was an atheist site, therefore specified in mocking and ridicule. So I was banned for fighting back and defending myself, of course. I have shown that atheist use mockery to force weak young people who are not committed but on the fence to give up their faith in order rto prevent begin bulled. This guy is one of the harassers. In just society he would be in jail for what he's doing. In a premisive society he's allowed to hurt people all the time and I sure does all the time.

Metacrock spends most of his time bragging about his fake education from a Christian school and insisting no one but him has ever been to college. His arguments are nothing more than, “you are stupid, I went to seminary.”

Fake education notice that the jackass links Loftus sight. He hasn't had the courage to actually ask John about me. John knows my education is real. he will tell the little misfit if head the guts to ask, he doesn't have the guts does he? If he did he would know. He still refers to it as fake even though I told him to check with Loftus and he's too cowardly to do it. The very quotation he links demonstrates not only friendship bewteen Loftus and I but also that Loftus doesn't regard my education as false. This idiot actually links to that to supposedly prove my education is fake.

Of cousre the lying emotional retard-ate says that I claim only I have been to college. that's obviously not the case.

Beyond this, Metacrock is either horribly dyslexic and/or a terrible speller.

ahahaha what a moron! can anyone really be that stupid? First of all, he's totally obvious to the fact that those are the same thing. If you are a bad spelling the odds are extremely high that you are dyslexic, which of cousre he doesn't know dyslexia form a hole in the ground. Not only is that tautology but can't he tell that I'm a bad speller just by looking? I'm sure the little miscreant regards dyslexia as something like retardation. He probalby thinks spelling is a sign of intelligent. most really stupid people do think that. As a matter of fact dyslexics do tend to have IQ's well above average. I was diagnosed as dyslexic and given treatment for it as a child back in the 1960s by Luke Weights the guy who discovered it and devolved the therapy at Scottish Rite Children Hospital.

It doesn't surprise me that this little lame brain is such a bigot he mocks and ridicules people with challenges. He did it on carm to in his other guise, not the grand wizard, the one on CARM

Half his statements are illegible and ramble on for paragraphs without ever coming to a clear point. The more upset he gets the worse his grammar. Because of his insecurity, based on his looks and troubled childhood, he starts overheating when anyone dares question anything he says, no matter how stupid or unsupported. His poor research is typical within Christian apologetics.

such a telling defect to get upset and become more dyslexia. I really gotta watch that. Of cousre he doesn't' bother to mention the reason I'm up set is because I usually 30 little misfit know nothing talking about evil and stupid I am and saying really stupid things, like you know, case in point here.

Here are typical examples of his posts:

"O sy professor, religious people are afraid to admit they aer agonized. religious peopel don't though hissy fits when one suggests they are organized."

"you are really ignorant and not very bright."

"Knock it off junior. it's gone on way too long to try that little ploy! hundreds of post since 2007.
don't you dare question that coward. can't stand up and face your opponent like a man. you play little girlie games."

Kind of makes a difference not knowing the context does it? Leave to lame brain not to think about that. Are these things 30 years apart? are they in the last five minutes? Where they in response to 30 knowing nothing mocking and ridiculing calling me names? He doesn't know he doesn't care. How can the context matter, I'm a Christian I have to be stupid. Do you really believe for a minute that if I was an atheist he would going to all this trouble?

"you know that's not true. you know what they are calling insults are things like "you don't have any studies." that's a big insult even though it 's true and not a real insult.
you are insulting, most atheist are. the majority of them are. You use that as a tool for character assassination. claiming that I'm always insulting is just part destroying the reputation. you could just as easily understanding it as defending myself if you wanted to.
Always talking about how bad I am is ad hom. you keep that going becasue that's your true purpose. Not reason, not ideas, not discussion, but emotionally huring Christians to feel like a big shot.t hat's your real game"

You get the idea.

I sure do. atheists really suck. T hey are such bastard they drive you to anger.

He seems to be mental disturbed.
ahahahahahah "he seems to be mental distured." O the expert on writing has a misatke. Maybe he's dyslexic?s Or just a bad grammar maker.

His constant bragging about his unimpressive education is a sad attempt to convince himself that he is worth the love that was refused to him by his mother.

Of course since he hasn't provided a context there's no establishment of the idea that I barg. H says I am but he doesn't document that. Then the Grand Wizard says my mother didn't love me. Like he really has some idea about it. this guy know 0 about my mother or me. He has 0 change of getting me to doubt my mother's love.

don't' you think it kind of says something about this guy as a person? If anyone out there can quote to me anything I've said (other than a remark I made to Hermit years ago and have apologized for several times) that's even close to being an a par with that kind of evil sick stupidity I will apologize profusely to all atheist.

this little retardant guy is putting my reporting his slandering me that got him banned,(his actions) on a par with him slandering my mother who died of Alzheimer as I took care of her and gave up my carer and basically ended my chance of any kind of life forever just to give me a few good years at the end. He thinks that's fair. What kind of seriousness self conceited little pig bigot pace of shit would think that way?

Is he really so far below the mark of rational healthy minded humanity that he can't see the distinction? I criticize people for not knowing what they criticize. I say things like You have not read that you don't have a right to critixize it. he says stuff like "your mother didn't love you" even though he has no idea who she was or what she was like.

O ye's a made a powerful statement for atheism here. I really want to consider the truth claims of group that has him for a member.

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