Friday, March 25, 2011

Atheists show true interest in discussion

I realize this is not about all atheists, we are talking about the Dawkies.

Essentially in this thread on CARM these Dawkies are admitting that they have no real interest in truth or discussion they are only on message boards to get attention and cause trouble.

atheist poster "Keith"

You have to understand that whoever wrote those paragraphs is probably speaking from the vantage point of someone in a life or death struggle to preach and thereby save souls from the gates of hell and therefore cannot comprehend being on a religious debate forum for entertainment purposes or simply to pass the time. I say if you're happy with your religion stay with it. In the end we will all end up a pile of lifeless bones, whether atheist or theist. I still like to debate though, if for nothing else than to get a reaction out of the die-hard fundie.

It depends upon what your version of the "truth" is, after all truth is entirely subjective.
Remember to an atheist subjective means "bad," "no good," leave it alone! so that's his notion of the value of truth.

Keith again:

Yes. My TRUE motivation is to take over planet earth and make you all disciples and slaves under my regime.

It doesn't matter to me if you think I'm a troll or if you find my reasons for being here insulting because your opinion of me unfortunately has no affect on my life whatsoever. This is just an Internet discussion forum. Unless I'm doing research, for my job, health, news, automobile, etc. most other websites I visit are in the entertainment category as far as I am concerned, including this one.

Speaking from experience, I think Christians sometimes take religious discussion forums more seriously than non-religious people and for that reason become irritated with those that don't. Why can't I be here simply because I enjoy debating against religion? Why must I have some secret diabolical agenda?
I challenge him on it he says:

I do care about the truth. In fact, that is precisely why I kicked religion to the curb - it's hogwash as far as I'm concerned.

What I'm NOT so interested in is what YOU perceive as the truth. What I mean is yes I like debating, but in the end what you believe is your own business. Worship and pray to whatever god you believe in, so long as you are not going around blowing up bridges and office buildings.
In other words. I know I'm right I don't need to think about it.

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