Monday, March 7, 2011

Atheits lying slander: How they Just Refuse to accept truth

the atheist pretender* who claims to have a degree in science.

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Oh this is rich coming from you I must say!! Here is the man who invents concepts and then crowbars the notion of a deity into his arguments. Not just ANY deity though, the god of the bible.

I see you have learned to parrot back what you near these no knowing saying. Because they don't read theology and none of you has ever been to a seminary just by the general hatred you feel for Christians you assume you know more about it than someone who received Masters at a major seminary?

that's really brilliant. I know more than you do about scinece.

get it through your head little pretender. You don't know anything about ethology. you haven't read a single page. you can't name a theologian. you wouldn't have the sliest idea what you are talking about. I am spitting back the things I was tough in seminary by major theolgoians in the Methodist curacy how dare you try to tell me that you know more than I do? You don't know ****!

You would not know a single thing about theological concepts if one git you where you sit and gave you a head ache. you don't know **** from shinola about theology. have a Masters in it.

how dare you try to pass judgment on my views when you know nothing about the subject.

just more atheist gimmicky to dingoes ideas you can't understand or out argue. you can't deal with it becasue you don't know anything about so you just do a bunch of heckling like a kid on the play ground that's supposed to pass for "disproving it."

then you go "you are so insult." why the **** do think I am insulting! you are being grossly insluting. how dare you try to tell me I don't know my own field when you don't know it???

that's dishonest it's a con job it's a crime against reason its' slander I'm raise the bloody roof until they force you to stop slandering me.

*I did not call him a pretender to say question is degree. That is beside the point. In spite of his degree he is pretending to the commitment to scholarship and learning because he does not respect knowledge of any other aspect of he academy but his own.


Anonymous said...

In context, Mat gave you an opportunity to download his MPhil thesis to prove his credentials BEFORE you made this accusation of him suggesting that he is only pretending to be qualified.

Darth Pringle (CARM)

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you know what? I gave all the carm atheists the opportunity to call the department secretary and prove that i was a Ph.D. candidate and none of them did and there are still some who try to imply now and then that I wasn't.

the fact is I explained on the board that I did not use the phrase "pretender" to mean he doesn't have a degree. I am saying in spite is his degree he is not committed to intellectual freedom.

he is pretending to be a scholar but he has no commitment to learning becasue he thinks only his field si knowledge. The knowledge worth having is in his field.