Thursday, January 13, 2011

Atheist React to Popularity Issue

follow up to previous post.

How did the atheists on carm respond to my request to show if popularity = being right?

I don't know how many times I've seen atheists say appeal to popularity is a fallacy. Did they flock to say that this time? No, only one said it. the others all redefined the guy's statements in such a way as to be able to agree with him!

as of today they are flocking to agree with him.! the redefined the issue so that

(1) they pretend that I bought up the idea tat Christians are right becasue we outnumber everyone. I said nothing about that.

(2) they brought the science issue in and made that the thread and forgot about appeal to popularity.

(3) they choose to take his statesmen as meaning hes right that everyone else outnumbers Christianity ignoring the issue of popularity = right.

here's a post "Bust Nak" who does a huge job of lying about my position and pretending that Deist didn't say populity makes you riht, while at the same time defending the appeal.

here's the quote from deist again:

"So, please, stop with "I'm right" BS because you are in a very, very, very tiny minority, and hardly hold mainstream views. Saying you believe in God doesn't allow you to contend majority belief. Good try, though meta. You are good at obsfucation."

do see the fallacy?

Quote Originally Posted by Bust Nak View Post
1) You claimed you are the majority.
No I said the largest group but not large than all others combined. I also said that has nothing to do with truth. he said truth is based upon popualrity. now stop doging the issue and answer:
is truth determined by the number who believe it?

2) Those who share your liberal Christians ideas are in fact a tiny minority.
more than atheist, more than deists.

what difference dose it make? are you actually asserting that the number of people deterines the truth of an idea?

what about brain surgeons? the number of people in the world who bleieve in a certain approach to brain surgely is like five people, because those are the only experrts who undestand the procedure now you saying they have to be wrong?

3) Therefore you are wrong.

why? because of popularity? are you kidding me? you are serous about that?

how many atheists are there in the world. none of your little pretend daft all the Hindus to be pretend atheists the real actual "there is no God of any kind" atheist?

why are you one since it's a tiny minority (less than the number of liberal theology people).

Now whether you should lump all theists as a single group or not is a matter of debate, but that's still not an appeal to popularity.
o that's a matter of debate, but equate with the number that believe it is not?

did you not see the three sources I quoted that say apparel to populist is wrong and that is equating the number who believe something with it's truth content?

Well it's no secret that atheist are more "hated" than Christians in many circle, that doesn't mean you should group Christians and non-Christians theists together.

you seem confused. I need to know here are you saying truth = popularity or not?

the Nizkor project says: "It is clearly fallacious to accept the approval of the majority as evidence for a claim."

I suppose it could be interpret that way, but since it was you who was claming you are the majority in the first place,
that is garbage! you twisted what was said. at no time did I argue that.

plus he explicitly denounced appeal to popularity. Seems to me your interpretation is wrong.

yes sure this is such a strong denouement:

So, please, stop with "I'm right" BS because you are in a very, very, very tiny minority, and hardly hold mainstream views.

so what part of that sentence contains the announcement? would the part that says "Because you are in a tiny minority" so you read that and you see "appeal to popularity is wrong?" you can't see the words the way they are spelled?

what part of "you can't be right because you are in a tiny minority" do you not get?

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