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Another Example of Athist thugism: Brent Rasmussen Sight


Brent Rasmussen is so brilliant he knows theology si stupid, so stupid he doesn't have to know anything about it to know that it's stupid. How does he know that? Because it's about stuff he doesn't like so it can't have anything going to for. It's too smart to to read nay of the great thinkers in the theology tradition becuase they believed stuff he doesn't like so they are stupid. He's much smarter than Newton or Descartes or any of the major thinkers throughout history. Because he can wear a straw a hat. That makes him cool. Being cool is much better than having a brain. He discovered my sight a couple of years go (Metacrock's Blog) and he said a bunch of bunch of stupid things about it. When I called him on it and prove that he was wrong, he became so angry he stamped his little fist and got his little illiterate friends to com come to his site and say "I don't like that guy because he says stuff what I don't know.
Here is his childish article.
Go look at the page and see how brainless their comments are. I can just imagine them getting drunk and saying little things like this while they talk about my blog and mind rape all the idea they have not the slightest idea about, mock and ridicule all things to good for them.
The Childish Theology Of J.L. Hinman

Brent Rasmussen's picture

I left a comment on J.L. Hinman's blog Metacrock a few days ago complementing him on his predictable use of The Courtier's Reply when responding to an atheist. I then went on about my life and promptly forgot all about it.

Well, I stumbled back onto his blog today and noticed that he replied to my comment.

Three times. In a row. Each time becoming more incoherent than the last.


what makes it incoherent? Because I say stuff he doesn't undersatnd because he's an idiot. Anyone who is smarter than him is stupid because he's cool and it's more important to be cool than smart.

The so called "courtier's replay" is sheer stupidity. It's nothing more than a pseudo eloquent appeal to ignorance and censorship deigned to forbid the use of the intellect in the defense of Christianity. Anyone who can't see that is a true idiot.

The original post that I replied to is here. My original reply is a few comments down.

My latest reply to his nonsense is below the fold.

[J.L. Hinman] wrong sorry. you don't know anything about christianity. you only know about fundamentalism which is a small part of Christianity.

Ah, I see. So, it is your contention that only this "fundamentalism" has a magical god-thing?

This is Stupid thing no 1. dumbo figures that any belief in God regardless of how well thought out the evidence is, it is stupid because his atheist master based the self image they dictate to him on the idea that hating Christianity is the basis of worth.So he has to believe that any form of God Belief is automatically stupid because he's too dense to read theology and find out the differences. He therefore translates what I said from "I am not a fundametnalist and the fundamentalists are the stupid ones" into "only the fundies believe in God" becuase he's too shallow and stupid to the learn the difference. It's real clear that I made the point that fundies don' thave the sophistication of liberals. noly a fool would not understand that i said that.

That's why he said:

Because I am fairly positive that ALL Christian-flavored theology sees their god-thing as an invisible magical man who lives in the sky.

Meta: Process theology sees God as bipolar, consequent pole that changes with creation, a potential pole and is never chaning.

Nicely played. Complete and utter nonsense, of course, but nicely played all the same. When you are on defense from an accusation of The Courtier's Reply, always resort to an even stronger version of The Courtier's Reply, then completely fail to see the point.


Metacrock:Tillich saw God as Being itself.

Schweitzer saw God as the life force.

Augustine saw God as a mind that continaed the realm of the forms of Plato.

Christian mystics see God as indescribable mystery beyond our understanding.

That's just off the top of my head. There are many many more. My own view is a synthesis of Tillich and the mystics.

Stupid thing no 2: dumbo doesn't understand the unified nature of religious traditions. He is so unread in theology he thinks it's just a matter of personalities fighting each other rather than traditions that seek to understand the reality beyond or behind reality.

Dumbo says:

How very nice for you. Now, replace the word "God" with "Zeus" or "Mithra", and the names of the philosophers with "Goofy", "Dumbo", and "Binky The Magic Space Clown" - and you have the exact same semantic content as before.

That is to say, none.

[Brent Rasmussen] C'mon, c'mon - try and deny it. You can't. You may take issue with the names I have given to your sacred mythological concepts, but it is an accurate - if irreverent - representation of the core beliefs of most religions.

Metacrock your ignorance is showing.

I argued that there are other parts of the Christian theological tradition that don't see God as a big man in the sky, it's not just a matter of one big man in the sky vs. another. There' a single reality behind all religious traditions and plenty of thinkers and movements that back this up. I mention Tillich and process theology.

of cousre this is all way over this idiot's head. He's so dense he has no concept of ideas of God, intellectual life, the notion of thought, or the history of ideas, or what it means to have a religious tradition. That's all just junck to him he's a party boy. Give him a straw hat and a beer an tell him what a cool guy he is that's all he's capable of.

He's so stupid he thinks it's just a matter of saying a bunch of names. He's so dense what do you yu expect from an illiterate? he says:

Is it? I told you right up front that you would probably take issue with the names that I would assign to your silly religious concepts - and you did. Where then is my alleged "ignorance"?

Metacrock Ok put up your duke dumb dub. let's debate. I'll tear you apart. you are ignorant, unread unlearned foolish and unwilling to learn. you don't know anything about it.

It was a big mistake expecting him to fight fair. Gutter scum like this know only one thing, someone is in your way knock them out of the way. Lazy, indolent, stupid, scum who can't reason look for short cuts and thy steal ideas they refuse to learn when someone is in their way do whatever evil little garbage they can to get them out of the way. That is no battle for a scholar

It's why atheism is anti-intellectuals and has nothing to do with learning. Its no longer for learning people or thinking people it's gone form a club for intellectuals in the universe who want to be modern, to lumpen prolongation who want leach off the working class. They are brown shirts. They are getting rewarded for being the storm troopers for the atheist movement.

Ah. And here we finally encounter the reaction that most theists do so well - threats of violence. Great job there, sparky. Why don't you just start pounding your chest and flinging your feces at me as well?

Dumbo thinks I threatened him, why? Because he himself knows violence. That is all he is capable of knowing.

[J.L. Hinman] have you ever read a single page written by any major theologians?


[J.L. Hinman] can you even name a theologian?


[J.L. Hinman] you probably think Jerrry Fallwell is one right?

No. I do not think that Jerry Falwell is a theologian.

[J.L. Hinman] put up your dukes know it all! put your money where your ignorant mouth is. just tell me the name of one theologian you know about.

Here's three: Anselm of Canterbury, Hypatia, Pliny the Elder.

What do I win? Candy? Cool![J.L. Hinman] you need an iq transplant

Here we see the stupidity of this cretin;. He's so unread and dense he thinks these medieval figures are major theologians today. He's not read any modern (if he had he would have named them). Don't get me wrong. I don't for minute bleieve that this intellectual cripple has Anselm, if he did he wouldn't undersatnd it. He probably looked at it for a minute or two.

He actually says that I'm laying about process theology having an impersonal view of God. This is the kind of illiterate stupidity upon which the atheist rape of Western culture depends. The only they can appeal to the masses is to carter to the ignorant and create the lie that ignorance most of Western thought, which si God oriented.. They have to ignore the major parts of modern theological thinking because otherwise they could never convened anyone with a brain that belief in God is stupid. It's only by making the real Christian thought off limits and giving it such a negative rap that on one will think about it that they can succeed in chaining the greatest thinkers in human history into people stupider than they are.

Sir you have wounded me deeply with your brilliant debating tactic. I fear that I may not be able to go on.

[Brent Rasmussen] I respect your right to hold silly, irrational beliefs. However, that also means that I have the right to call them silly.

[J.L. Hinman] you do not.

Yes, yes I do. Here, I'll demonstrate:

this is his little mocking slander of real thinking. He says that I lie about process theology it doesn't posit an impersonal God, (becuase he's too stupid to read about it) then he goes on with the pissing contest. He actually thinks acting like a eight grader is cleaver.

Dumbo says:

Your beliefs are silly and irrational. You are a foolish child for believing in them without evidence. See how that works?

I see that you are too stupid to read anything so you don't know what my beliefs are. you have a straw man argument made for you by atheists and you are convinced that's what Christianity is and you get angry and think we are lying to you when we try to tell you that you misrepresent our views. You are refuse to think and you don't know anything to begin with so you are not really a judge of what stupid is. you are censure of stupid not a judge of it.See how that works?

You have no right to say that there' no evidence because I have 42 God arguments and you are stupid to understand one of htem. Notice he wont debate me becuase I knows I would fly him.

[J.L. Hinman] .don't be a phony.

I am most certainly not a "phony". I don't even pretend to know what you mean by that comment.

you are a phony, not only that but a dumb shit as well.


Has anyone ever told you that you are very difficult to understand sometimes? Maybe it's the wild-eyed looks and the froth coming out of the side of your mouth. *shrug* In any case, you should probably slow down and take a deep breath and get a hold of yourself before attempting to reply this time.

O that's so brilliant isn't it? that makes dumbo so cleaver, he's the brilliant guy in the eighth grade. I bet he has a come back for the one about sticks and stones!

Oh, and lay off the sauce before typing. It makes spelling, punctuation, and spaces between sentences so much easier, trust me.

[J.L. Hinman] you don't respect a God damn thing. You obviously don't respect knowledge.

That really proves he's right because he accuse of being what he is. He thought of that becuase he' s drunk all the time himself.

I respect quite a few things - knowledge is one of them. However, I do not automatically respect every nutball's wacky religious proclamations just because he or she says so. My respect must be earned. You have not earned my respect at this point in time.

Get used to it.

[J.L. Hinman] You don't have the slighest ideas what theology is about. you are willing to judge it knwong absoltuely nothing about it..

He can punctuate his mindless drivel with little catch phrase like "get used to it" that really proves. He's probably so drunck now he's not even cognizant of what this was about. He can call names, he can say "he's a nutball" O that's so brilliant.

How can intelligent people like Hermit alley themselves with gutter scum like this? These are the shock troops that destroyed the reasoned discourse and cleared the way for tea party tactics against religion that brought hte drinking crowd into message broad apologetic.

I appeal to the few atheists with a brains left out there. how can none thinking person be part of a movement that employs such brown shirt tactics?

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