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Atheist can't even admit a fallacy is wrong

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I believe he's trying to say exactly the same thing you are, that appeal to popularity is wrong.
how can he posibly be saying that when he clearly said I can't be right because I'm in a mintory?
The guy he describes as trying to say the same thing I am, that argument from popularity is wroing, said (direct quote) to me: "You can't be right becasue you are in a tiny minority!"

There's just no other way to take that but to think that it means truth = popularity. that's obviously the opposite of what I was trying to say.

I'll answer it. No, it isn't. Case in point: Theism. Billions believe it, doesn't mean its right.
thank you! I never said it did!

Actually, in this regard I think he's right. There are more atheists more than your kind of liberal Christianity.
That's true but guess what, that guy (Deist) tried to cliam all non Christians as atheists and then to argue that I'm in a tiny minority. Notice the atheist will appeal to popularity is wrong in relation to Christianity but he wont say it of atheism. Even in relation to the allocation of atheism outnumber (which it doesn't) even hypothetically he wont say its wrong then.

Absolute hog wash! totally ridiculous. He himself (Deist) calculated that it would be 10% of the world follow liberal theology of Christian liberalism. there are 3% atheists and that's a generous estimate. how could they possibly have more?

In fact, you may be completely unique in your brand of theology. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone with quite the same kind of thinking as you. I could be wrong, but even if I am, your position probably only accounts for something like .5% of the world's population.

It's stupid stupid stupid stupid to try dismiss and marginalize someone for having a expertise most don't' have. that's all you and hear doing you are turning the fact that I know more than most people into a liability: "that You can't be right because you know more than anyone."

that's' so stupid don't you see how stupid that is?

Einstein was wrong because he was the only one cloud think his level. he was in a tiny minority so he must be wrong.

you can't assign a membership in a group based upon person's knowledge and expertise that's just idiotic.

if we let you get away with that you can just close down all thinking you are saying it's wrong to know things.

That's not at all what he's saying. I'll explain below.
that is what he's saying. you can't rad. typical atheist totally dishonest totally without honer totally willing to sell your soul to score imaginary points against the evil hated Christian.

In response to my example of only five brain surgeons must be wrong because they are tiny minority he says:
What? There's only 5 brain surgeons in the world? I've met more than that!
O that's a real answer isn't it? Then Ok, we can do appeal to popularity becuase he's met more than five brain surgeons so they must be a really huge group so that proves appeal to popularity is good.

He's not saying "There are more atheists than your liberal Christians, therefore you are wrong."
that's exactly what he said. moreover, that the way people on my board see it and they are reading the thread too.

He's saying "You said something. You were, in fact, the opposite. Therefore you are wrong about that."
that is just pure hog wash. I never anything of the kind.
that is a fabrication on his part and others.

Maybe his wording was weird or something, but he wasn't saying that you are wrong about everything because you are a minority. He's saying you were wrong about that one assertion. End of story.

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