Saturday, August 8, 2009

Atheists are resorting to cheating to win God arguments

Their new tactic is more and more to deny the basis upon which making arguments is valid. But arguments for God is a mainstay of the believer's reasons for understanding belief as rational.

the atheists have various grounds from dismissing God augments but they are all invalid.

(1) We have beaten them all show me a new one.

That's too bad, we (Christians) have to cope with hearing the same old crap form atheists all the time now many times we answer it. So their assertion that they beat all our arguments a million years ago and we don't have news ones is not a valid way to argue.

(2) God arguments are philosophy but only scientific fact is a valid from of knowledge.

this is just another stupid excuse. All they are saying is "anything that does not tally with my world is false a priori. I don't like philosophy so I ignore it. But that' snot more than dishonest. It would be ok if they said "I just can't really see believing something based upon philosophy." But to say "philosophy isn't valid" is idiotic, especially science came to exist as evolution form a form of philosophy.

They are tacitly admitting that they can't beat God arguments by logic or by arguing so they have to rule them out a prori.

I don't mind the idea that arguments don't prove anything. But atheists don't just stop and say "arguments don't prove anything so why argue?" They want to go on and insist that they have the only valid means of understanding the world. They then try to hijack science and turn into some kind of enforcement mechanism for atheist ideology.

they can't have it both ways. They can't insist that all forms of knowledge but the one they think backs them, are invalid and then demand that we still come up with "proof" or else our views are irrational. What they are really saying at that point is, 'agree with me or you are irrational.' Their insistence that only science is a valid form of knowledge is just a means of poisoning the well.

So more and more atheists are resorting to dishonesty in an attempt to bully believers out of their faith upon invalid and illogical grounds.

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