Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you believe this?

Here's a thing on CARM calming to be a "christian" giving up the faith.

I am a currently an Eastern Orthodox Christian, but have been experiencing doubts for a long time now and have finally come to a place in my life where I am ready to at least look at the other side of the coin. What would be most helpful to me is a suggested list of the very best skeptical/atheist resources, such as books and videos (mainly looking for books). I am not looking for a list of hundreds of books or videos, rather I am looking for a list of your top 5-10 suggested resources. Thus, please give me a list of your top 5-10 books, videos, or any other authoritative atheist recourses that present a solid argument. I am not that interested in web based resources as they tend to be sketchy as to credibility, but if you think something is a must, by all means suggest it. Here are some specific things I am looking for resources on:

1. Evidence that there is no creator, god, and/or Supreme Being. In other words, resources that makes the case for atheism. I am not so much looking for material that makes personal attacks on Christians (i.e. the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, hypocrites, etc), but rather more scientific and/or rational based proofs/arguments.

2. Biblical Errancy: Proof that the Bible is not divine, but mythology and human in origin. I am not just looking for a book that only shows perceived "biblical contradictions", but something that actually demonstrates that biblical history is itself false or a man-made myth. For example: Did Moses actually live and lead an exodus out of Egypt? What about Noah and the ark? How accurate is Old Testament History? Was Jesus a real person or a myth or was he real, but the information on him is false? What about the historicity of the New Testament?

I am genuinely seeking for answers and would appreciate any help I could get.

It's just too pat. Why would anyone throw away God if they knew god just for stupid little questions like this? Why not give the liberal thing a chance or the mystical thing or whatever. I especially don't believe that an Orthoie would do this. that's just ludicrous.

I believe this person is an atheist and they made up this crap beause it's influential to undecided people.


Anonymous said...

Easier to call someone a stupid liar than accept that there might be another point of view...


J.L. Hinman said...

yea I should not cast doubt on that person's thing. I mean I don't know the circumstances of that individual's life.

but I did not say "stupid liar."

Anonymous said...

"...but I did not say "stupid liar."

You called his questions "stupid" and you alleged that he was lying by pretending to be something he isn't.

In other words you called him a stupid liar.

J.L. Hinman said...

it's not all gravy you know.

Anonymous said...

You really think someone being a little bit rude to you on the internet is equivalent to the lynching of African Americans?

Don't you see what an insult it is to the real victims of real hate to associate your petty little complaints with their suffering?

And you think it's OK to associate my beliefs with that evil because you got your precious little feelings hurt?

What a sick, self important, egotistical, small minded excuse for a human being you are...

J.L. Hinman said...

It's not an isult to victims of hate groups. the atheists are insult to those victims.

It's only a matter of degrees. That guy hates me and he hates all religious people He would kill me if you could. A lot of them would. It's not that they don't have that kind of fanatical hate it's jut that it has emerged to that degree yet.

the mentality is the same: here's someone who is different than me, saying things that threaten me in a strange abstract sort of way and I have to ridicule him and make him feel crushed emotionally because he's not like me. that is exactly the same mentality.

what do you know about KKK guys? You are Canadian. I grew up with KKK people. My father's uncle was a Klansman and participate din lynchings. I know about that mentality.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how his ended up attached to the wrong post, but oh well...

"It's only a matter of degrees. That guy hates me and he hates all religious people He would kill me if you could."

Bullshit; he disagrees with your ideas and might be a bit of a jerk;
but that's not even close, Joe. You have no justification for making that kind of charge against the guy, and even less to go smearing athesits at large by pretending that one persons opinion is equivalent ot an organized hate group.

And yes we have Neo-Nazis and anti-gay zealots and even the Klan up here too. White hoods: the Klan in Manitoba

Once again you're quick to assume ignorance on my part...I know hate when I see it, I've fought against it all my life and I see more hate from you than from the atheists you're always whining about. But neither comes close to the ugliness of the real hate groups.

For you to appropriate the real suffering of their victims to justify your self pity is outrageous. It's an insult to me and to other well meaning atheists when you pull this crap, but it's even more of an insult to the real victims of real hatred. That's the part that really pisses me off; the arrogance of wrapping yourself in their pain...it's disgusting.

Stop it.