Saturday, August 22, 2009

Atheists hate to lose

on carm I pasted their hides to the wall. I bet them on a God argumen it's so obvious they had nothing to day for a whole thread. it's totally ridiculous.

they are so angry because they couldn't answer that they are resorted to saying things like "don't trust anything Metacrock says.


in this next one one of them who is so totally angry because I won the God arugment hat he's just beside himself took something I said totally out of context and passed it off as my own actual belief system so he could mock and ridicule me, but he jus totally left out the fact that it's not what I believe and I made that quite clear.

the post where I say that is actually in the firs link. Here's the link where the takes it out of context.


one calling himself "teabagsalad" who is commonly quite rational rests to this which nothing to do with anythin gI said.

You just totally skip over the part where I tell ossification that this is what I think the "B" theory of time is about. I admitted I don't know much about it and I was running that by him to see if I got it right.
Ah another nut. If I make a claim that I didn't really know what I was talking about then they might not notice that what I said didn't make any sense.

Pity you don't understand about context.
Best just use another one. I'll go back to attacking them again...chuck it in the middle of a paragraph and they might get a bit offended and forget that I said I didn't know what I was talking about.

But that does expalin why atheists never get the context of a bible verse.
Ah context. So Meta, tell us what context should we take the Biblical commands about stoning gay people to death, oh and people who work on the sabbath...and what about kids who answer back...what context should we take the explicit instructions given? Maybe as part of a bronze/iron age document that has no moral relevance to the modern world. Maybe you should start reading it for what it actually is...just a set of myths made up by men (and not very advanced men at that)? Surely a man of your self proffessed intellect can see the Bible for what it really is?

Oh and before you start to point out that I left a debate with you I would just like to say that the sort of drivel you just posted is the reason why.

He's close to raving.

so when you make an argument they pelt you with mocking and ridicule then when you stump them and they can't answer it they get really surly. It's ludicrous. why can't these people think? why do they not react like normal humans?

they are so full of rage and anger and hostility they love being snide and mocking showing how superior they think they are but all of their alleged superiority is based on not understanding liberal arts.


Andrew said...

Look, I think this is a great site...but there is a problem.

Your spelling derails the force of your arguments.

Sure, people shouldn't nit pick, but they do.

If you have a spelling problem, that is not a excuse.

You need to get spell check...why provide opportunity after opportunity for people to dismiss your arguments?

J.L. Hinman said...

I have spell check. I check the spelling every single time. If your brain makes you see backwards it can also make you miss underlines and stuff like that. get it?

A Hermit said...

"they are so full of rage and anger and hostility"

That's pretty funny coming from the guy who posted this little bit of enlightened thought...

"you little pieces of scum are going to pay. you know way. Because the 76% who believe in god are not going to sit around and let you put them into the gutter and threat them like ****. you trying doing in real like and you will be taken out. you know that. you do it here because it safe. you would not dare act this way in the street."

You're the only one coming across as angry and enraged over there, Joe.

Threatening us with violence in the streets? Not very persuasive...