Thursday, August 13, 2009

why are atheists so very stupid?

On a post at carm the op asked for historical evidence of Jesus' existence:

I'd like to see the hard historical evidence for Jesus Christ. I'm not interested in what your Bible has to say about him. Aside from your holy texts, how do we KNOW that Jesus Christ was a real person?

first I tried summarizing my historical Jesus pages but he didn't want that. He wanted a briefer summary.

I'm not interested in your religious beliefs. I'm interested in it's historical accuracy. Can you provide some evidence for Jesus' life without invoking your holy texts?

very stuipd demand because it assumes that the Gospels are not artifacts of people's beliefs and knowledge which of course they must be, simply because people wrote them.
He wont read my links so I begin to summarize.

After quite a bit of listing of evidence with quotes to prove my points,one of them argues from analogy and basically says in effect, "Joseph Smith was an idiot and his stuff was obviously bs so therefore the Bible is also Bs." I tell him argument from analogy is illogical and he tries to sneak it in as a non argument by saying that it's not argument from analogy it's just "unmistakeably parallels." What the hell do you call an analogy? that's exactly what it is and anyone with half a brain knows that.

Then his buddy comes along and denies that the historical has any place in the thread (the title of the thread is "did Jesus exist?" So historical evidence has no place in a thread called "did Jesus exist?"

By science i mean natural science, i thought you could infer that since i have told you that i am a biochemist but obviously you are more interested in rambling than in intellectual discourse.

Because that is what you are doing, we have a discussion and a fairly good one, we've had that in many threads, then you leave and when you come back it's like talking to a completely different person. You're just rambling now and there is no use continuing this, i will give you one more chance for reasoned debate, after that i'll put you on my ignore list.

so hes saying my historical arguments are rambling. then argument from analogy guy comes on and goes:

Maybe he keeps coming off his medication. I'm not a scientist by training.

they high jack the thread and take it away from the historical arguments so it's about me and my personality and how bad I am.


Anonymous said...

The thread didn't become about you until you started calling people "stupid"...

Maybe you should stop doing that...

J.L. Hinman said...

they are calling me stupid. why do they get to do that but I don't get to fight back?

Anonymous said...

I think they were fighting back against you...

You do this all the time; call people idiots, call their opinions stupid, call them uneducated, call them all kinds of names, take this smug, arrogant, rude approach to everything and then act all hurt when people are rude back to you...
Quit whining and get that 2x4 out of your eye...

J.L. Hinman said...

you can trace the thread and see what I 'm saying. that was the first disparaging thing in that thread. Maybe they were reacting to stuff from weeks ago. But I haven't had any friction in weeks.

that's not fair. to ruin a thread jsut because weeks ago someone said something. that's ludicrus.

but of course since atheist don't' believe in things like love and goodness they don't believe in forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

"you can trace the thread and see what I 'm saying"

I did; and the nasty stuff started after you made disparaging comments about people's education, called their arguments stupid and ignorant and were generally acting like an arrogant prick.

Don't be so quick to dish it out if you can't take it.

J.L. Hinman said...

you did not you lira! you are counting them wrong. the whole thread was nice and feriindl up to that point.

you liar! you are just like they are.

J.L. Hinman said...

here are the posts:

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that last one at the bottom is wher ehe stared.

show me which one I insulted them in ? is it where I told NOtoroius he's going by an ideology? since when is that so insulting? tha'ts not worse than saying "You are biased" So that deserve insults?

Anonymous said...

lol it is common when discussing things with atheists. I told an atheist about the shroud of turin, and I was ready for disproofs, which I wanted to give rebutals to, and he just called all Christians stupid with a wave of his hand. Next time I'm going to point out it's an attack ad hominem (to be fair I have other atheist friends who are very cool, it just seems when I have an actual discussion it's just like ugh. I bet it can go the same way with them and Christians, maybe they're being a pre-emptive jerk lol.) Youtube "ultimate proof of creation", watch the video, and see what I mean down on the comments.

Metacrock said...

I know it's on both sides. Once a Christian argued that the firmament is a special kind of spiritual water in space that no one could see! He said that to avoid having to admit that the firmament is an ancient world concept that's outmoded in the modern world.