Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Ploy "there's no proof for your God..."

Atheist's mantra "there's no proof for your God" is based upon a double catch 22.

(1) Define out of existence any kind of evidence not in their favor by reducing all valid truth claims to empirical scientific data.

Science is the only from of knowledge, any thing else claiming to be knowledge is counterfeit. So reason, logic, experience, nothing else is evidence but empirical data. (bracket the problem that personal experience is closer to empirical data in the real sense than is scientific data).

(2) Impose a form of "Knowledge" not capable of apprehending God.

then they make a big deal out of "there's no proof for God."

that's like doing a poll that excludes Democrats then saying "our poll shows no one is voting democrat." Cause you excluded them.

This is how you prevent yourself from recognizing any evidence for God. You refuse to accept anything as evidence except that which is not capable of finding God because it's limited to the naturalistic domain.

Science is not capable of recognizing anything form beyond the material. So it can't accept that god is working in the natural it has to abhor that assumption because it's form outside the domain.

you create this false construct the "fortress of facts" that's constructed to screen out anything that would support belief in God. Then you claim "there's no evidence." That' because you screen it out.

We see this in the hermeneutics of miracle denial where the rejection of the evidence is based upon the assumptino of past denial.

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