Thursday, March 13, 2014

atheist ideology at work

another example of atheist circular reasoning.

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The arguments against it being prophesy is that there is no evidence of prophesy. You have to ignore the observed laws of the universe to make your theory work. That doesn't make for a very good theory. Besides, the text clearly states the suffering servant is Israel and the association with Jesus is weak at best.

 Notice he just up and declairs laws of the universse as though he's in charge. Where are these laws written? Is there a huge block of granite out in space that says "thou shoult make no prophesies" singed legislature of nature.

The legislature of nature says there can't be propheis. O sorry, there is no legislature of nature. Prophesy is a matter of belief not fact there's no law agaisnt it. There is a law agaisnt cirular reasoning and he had violated it.

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