Monday, January 20, 2014

struck an atheist nerve

teabag is alarmed by my cogent understanding of atheism in relation to ideology

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Being a lack of belief doesn't mean that it doesn't have an ideology and that it's not a truth regime. the lack of belief functions as a positive element. But atheists fill that gap with positive assertions, especially scientism.

Atheism as an entity is not an ideology per se but the movement of new atheism is a different matter. that is an entity and it reaches into other movements to fill the gap.
 Teabag Salad:
Are you really so determined to hate atheists that you repeatedly attempt to use this strawman of what atheism actually is?

 What makes it a straw man? Just because it's my analysis of their deal? I was part of their deal. I know how they think and what they say. I use their own words to demonstrate. How is it a straw man?

In response to my assertion that I struck a nerve he says:


 Nope, you've not struck a nerve at all. If anything I find it funny that you spend all the time you do running a blog ranting against atheism. I, on the other hand, am quite happy to let Christians believe and do pretty much what they want.

How many hours have you wasted writing entries ranting about how bad and evil atheists are?

Funny you should bring that up. The original post on the thread was an assertion that atheist can't have an ideology becuase it's just a lack of belief, and my comments explains why that comment doesn't answer the issue about ideology. The real issue is that look at how many athiests come to carm just mock and ridiucle? almost every one they do it every day all day long on through the night and it's on site after site. There are almost no Christian sties dedicated to mocking atheism.I was the first one to seriously put up a site trying to analyze the nature of the hate segement of New atheism and I was the first one to say it was a hate group. I was the first one to start talking about atheist ideology. Look at what we are up against? A vast array of thousands of peolpe who morning noon and night never stop talking about how deeply they hate Christians.

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